Amazing Flower Photography

Who doesn’t love the thrill of receiving flower bouquets delivered to your door? Wouldn’t it be lovely to capture the essence of those blooms when they’re fresh? Jen Huang Photography does just that, capturing the vivacity, color, and beauty of fresh flowers.

We sent her three of our bestselling bouquets, from a special line that ships them in boxes directly from the grower. The result? Photographic brilliance.

We are proud to present flower photography that highlights the amazing beauty of these flower bouquets:

Blue Iris for a Bright Day – 15 Stems

Blue iris for a Bright Day bouquet, in an antique silver vase that Jen found. The irises add to the high-end, rustic decor and present a vivid picture of beauty.
Irises bouquet by From You Flowers. Photographed by Jen Huang.

100 Blooms of Spring Lilies

With our bouquets in a box, you get the option of sending them without a vase, giving your recipient the creativity to arrange the flowers in their unique vessels. Here, the Peruvian lilies bloom wonderfully in the antique silver vase.
100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies, by From You Flowers. Photography by Jen Huang.

Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration Bouquet

The soft color of lavender roses blends well with the bold pink in stargazer lilies.
Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration bouquet by From You Flowers. Photography by Jen Huang.

Combination of Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration with Irises

Jen combined two of our bouquets (the Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration bouquet and the Blue Iris for a Bright Day bouquet) in a stone vase. The result? Understated elegance.
From You Flowers bouquet: lavender roses, pink stargazer lilies, irises, purple stock. Photographed by Jen Huang.

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One Response to Amazing Flower Photography

  1. Brenna says:

    Those photos are lovely! Its amazing what the right light and the perfect vase can do to an already beautiful bouquet!

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