Best Flower Blog Posts of the Week

The best flower blogs this week feature unique bud flower vases, a home covered in plastic flowers and how to pick wedding flowers. Let’s get started!

5 Fun Bud Flower Vases

Unique Flower Bud Vases

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 Apartment Therapy shares their 5 favorite flower bud vases to decorate your home or office with. Starting at $9 dollars these vases can be filled with just one flower, making it a cheap and fresh decoration.


Home Covered In Plastic Flowers

Home of Plastic Flowers

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Would you decorate your home with hundreds of plastic flowers? A couple in Queens, NY did just that! The NYTimes interviewed the home owners who recently sold their property and why they decided to create such a unique floral exterior.


Wedding Flowers 101

Wedding Flowers 101

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Looking for advice about how to order your wedding flowers? Follow this best practice guide written by the Society of American florist to make sure your wedding flowers are beautiful!

4 Responses to Best Flower Blog Posts of the Week

  1. Great Flowers. Great Effort

  2. susandi says:

    This photo is lovely.Baby and flower are very beautiful.

  3. This is a Beautiful shot of a flower isnt it ? I love this !

  4. katie says:

    What a lovely picture of a chhild with flowers! (She looks like my niece – ha!)

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