Peruvian Lilies and a Frenchie

October 8th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Life is better with flowers. Life is also better with dogs. When you put the two together, what could be better?
That’s why we love these photos of Gatsby, the French bulldog, with our 100 Blooms of Peruvian lilies. The lilies are beautifully arranged in an antique silver pitcher.

French bulldog with 100 blooms of Peruvian lilies bouquet. From You Flowers and Jen Huang Photography.

Gatsby the French Bulldog and From You Flowers bouquet. Styling and photography by Jen Huang.

Styling and photography by the talented Jen Huang. She is also the proud owner of two Frenchies, Gatsby and Pepper. Follow them on Instagram here:

Halloween Gift Baskets

October 8th, 2013 by fyfblog

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is time to start deciding on Halloween treats and gifts. Whether you are hosting a Halloween bash and want a candy centerpiece or are thinking of sending sweet treats to a special someone, Halloween Gift Baskets are sure to put smiles on people’s faces. There are so many different types of candies; it can be very hard to choose just one. Below are some delicious candy gifts to pig out during Halloween night.

Lindt Lindor Truffle Gift Pail

                                      Forty five smooth melting chocolates fill up this reusable pail. Great to distribute on Halloween. Perfect for all occasions.

This reusable pail comes filled with 45 smooth melting Lindor Truffles. Lindt’s limited edition LINDOR Truffles feature a premium milk chocolate shell with a smooth melting white chocolate center. A clear gift bag and fun pink bow complete the look. Instead of buying a variety of different candies to give out on Halloween, you can give out these individually wrapped chocolates or gift this pail to a friend. After they have eaten the chocolate, they can use the pail to store their Halloween candy.

Golden Edibles™ Birthday Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Oreo® Cookies

  Gourmet oreos cover in chocolate and a variety of different candies. Assortment of fifteen oreos for any event. Great gift for children and adults.

Arriving in an elegant gift box, this gourmet treat is a wonderful gift for your children and, well, everyone. (Admit it – we are all giant children at heart.) Skip out on the plain old candy and invest in these delectable goodies. An assortment of 15 Oreo® cookies are doused in milk, dark, and white Belgian Chocolates, then rolled and embellished with festive candies. You won’t find anything like this in your goodie bag from Trick-or-Treating.

Kosher Gourmet Dried Fruit Tray

Assortment of dried fruit. Presented in a wooden tray. Substitute for candy on Halloween night.

This gift is perfect for anyone who cannot consume candy, wants to stays healthy, or just enjoys dry fruit. Presented in a natural wooden tray with carved handles and tied with a raffia ribbon, this gift is a nutritious and yummy snack to enjoy on a Halloween night. After all, fruit is nature’s candy.

Halloween Flowers

October 7th, 2013 by fyfblog

Halloween Flowers

Fall is here and you know what that means: Halloween is fast approaching! Hearing the word “Halloween” makes you automatically think of scary costumes, movies, and of course, trick-or-treating. Halloween doesn’t just have to be about giving out candy. Switch it up this year by sending your close friends and family beautiful Halloween-themed bouquets, adding that extra festive touch to their homes. If you love Halloween, I guarantee you are going to love these Halloween Flowers.

   Happy Halloween Bouquet

                                      Vibrant bouquet perfect for Halloween. Send to a friend or relative. Get them into the Halloween spirit.

This bouquet screams “Halloween” with its vibrant Halloween-themed colors. Bright orange roses and purple Monte Casino blooms are accented by hypericum in a purple passion vase adorned with a Halloween ribbon and pick. This Flower arrangement is perfect for showing off your Halloween spirit or wishing your recipient a Happy Halloween!


Orange You Ready to Celebrate

 Beautiful fall and Halloween bouquet. Perfect bouquet for this season. Awesome color combination.

This second flower arrangement can serve as Halloween flowers and fall flowers. Purple and orange are an awesome combination for both fall and Halloween. Orange roses, burgundy/purple cushion poms and orange Asiatic lilies are all delicately hand-arranged in a graceful dark purple vase. This bouquet is perfect for the season.


This unique bouquet is great for Halloween. It brings the bright and fun side of Halloween to your home.

Lastly, Halloween isn’t Halloween without pumpkins! This cute floral arrangement features orange roses, purple carnations, and athos poms in an irresistible ceramic pumpkin Halloween container.  Measures 9″H X 9″L. This flower arrangement brings warmth to any home.


Amazing Flower Photography

September 27th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Who doesn’t love the thrill of receiving flower bouquets delivered to your door? Wouldn’t it be lovely to capture the essence of those blooms when they’re fresh? Jen Huang Photography does just that, capturing the vivacity, color, and beauty of fresh flowers.

We sent her three of our bestselling bouquets, from a special line that ships them in boxes directly from the grower. The result? Photographic brilliance.

We are proud to present flower photography that highlights the amazing beauty of these flower bouquets:

Blue Iris for a Bright Day – 15 Stems

Blue iris for a Bright Day bouquet, in an antique silver vase that Jen found. The irises add to the high-end, rustic decor and present a vivid picture of beauty.
Irises bouquet by From You Flowers. Photographed by Jen Huang.

100 Blooms of Spring Lilies

With our bouquets in a box, you get the option of sending them without a vase, giving your recipient the creativity to arrange the flowers in their unique vessels. Here, the Peruvian lilies bloom wonderfully in the antique silver vase.
100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies, by From You Flowers. Photography by Jen Huang.

Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration Bouquet

The soft color of lavender roses blends well with the bold pink in stargazer lilies.
Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration bouquet by From You Flowers. Photography by Jen Huang.

Combination of Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration with Irises

Jen combined two of our bouquets (the Lavender Rose and Lily Celebration bouquet and the Blue Iris for a Bright Day bouquet) in a stone vase. The result? Understated elegance.
From You Flowers bouquet: lavender roses, pink stargazer lilies, irises, purple stock. Photographed by Jen Huang.

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Beautiful Flower Illustration of Bouquet

September 27th, 2013 by Ying Huang

It’s FRIDAY, and time to begin your weekend with some floral inspiration. One of our talented graphic designers, Jennifer Boyd, created a flower illustration of our Rose and Lily Celebration bouquet.

It’s gorgeous, if we may say so ourselves:
earth laughs in flowers drawing by From You Flowers

Pink Flower Centerpieces

September 23rd, 2013 by Stacey Doornbos

Celebrate pink with pink floral centerpieces. Pink gerbera daisies, pink roses, and yellow peruvian lilies. Bouquet by From You Flowers.

Centerpieces play a big role in the décor of any special event, and pink flower centerpieces especially add a fresh, feminine touch to any setting. This post will show you different pink centerpieces that work for almost any occasion. Some occasions may include a girl’s birthday, wedding, baby shower, or baptism. Below are some beautiful pink-themed centerpieces to make your event extra special.

   Glad Tidings Basket

Bright and fresh pink centerpiece. This centerpiece is great for weddings, girls birthday parties, and to just brighten a room or add a little feminine touch.

This first centerpiece holds a variety of flower types with many different shades of pink, giving the eyes beautiful surprises to behold at every angle. Pink gladiolus, pink alstroemeria, pink gerbera daisies, daisy pompons and blades of flax and galax are carefully hand-arranged in a decorative garden basket. This basket will add a lot of bright colors and freshness to your event. Plus, since this centerpiece is less formal, it would be perfect for a family get-together or as everyday pink centerpiece to brighten the room.

Blushing Beauty

Stunning centerpiece for family get-togethers. This extravagent burgandy vase is filled with a variety of pinks and purples.

This second floral arrangement is a real eye catcher! The tall structure and bright pinks and purples make this centerpiece  really stand out. Dark pink lilies, burgundy pompons, carnations, pink snapdragons, purple waxflower, bupleurum and ruscus are all hand-arranged to in a shiny burgandy vase, making this bold centerpiece perfect for any important occasions.

Cyclamen Surprise

This elegant cyclamen plant is perfect for formal events. It adds class and sophistication to your event.

Lastly, this elegant cyclamen plant was made for more formal or chic events. This Cyclamen plant comes in a contemporary Silver 8″ Mirrored Cube, adding a level of sophistication to any décor. The dark green leaves also make the soft pink flowers pop. This unique centerpiece cannot be missed.

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Modern Flower Arrangements

September 20th, 2013 by Stacey Doornbos

Colorful mixed floral bouquet. A nice gift for birthdays or any celebration.

If you are looking for modern day bouquets, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes it can be hard to find bouquets that keep up with today’s changing trends. It can be difficult to figure out what types of flowers and arrangements are popular at the moment. Whether it’s a gift for that special someone, a gift for a relative or maybe just an arrangement to spruce up your house, modern flower bouquets bring fresh beauty to any décor. Below are some modern flower arrangements that are sure to please.

Modern European Garden

Asiatic lilies, yellow snapdragons, yellow roses and pink waxflower hand-arranged. Perfect for ooutdoors and county chic vibe.

This bouquet features pink Asiatic lilies, yellow snapdragons, yellow roses and pink waxflower beautifully presented in a clear gathering vase with a natural raffia bow. The flowers have a calm, natural, and modern feel to it which makes it the perfect rustic gift or arrangement to display in your house. This arrangement also works well on wooden tables and the outdoors, lending to the country chic vibe of the décor.

Rosy Reflection

Red roses, Pink roses, pink alstroemeria and red carnations. Perfect for Valentines Day and Mothers Day.

This modern day arrangement is perfect for that special modern someone in your life. An elegant and lovely bouquet, it is sure to put a lasting smile on your special someone’s face. Roses are always a great choice because they are classic from antiquity and won’t go out of style. Red roses, pink roses, pink alstroemeria, and red carnations are skillfully arranged in a clear glass cube container. Measures 12″H by 10″L. This arrangement is the definition of beauty.

Yellow Daisy & Lily Delight

Yellow daisies and white lilies scream Spring! A great gift for Mothers Day or for a Baptism.

Last but not least is this lovely yellow bouquet. This flower arrangement has a natural and neutral vibe that adds a modern touch to any décor. Yellow tulips, gerbera daisies, cream colored lilies, yellow carnations, and fresh greens are brilliantly arranged in a contemporary glass vase, making this arrangement an incredible option for any celebration or event.

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Flower inspiration: Bloom with Abandon

September 20th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Happy Friday, flower lovers! Begin your weekend with a little flower inspiration:

Flower inspirational quote: Bloom with abandon. By From You Flowers.

Top 5 Quotes For Getting Through Hard Times (Flower Edition)

September 11th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Top 5 Quotes For Getting Through Hard Times (Flower Edition). Image by Jen Huang Photography. @jenhuangphoto @fromyouflowers

[Image credit: Jen Huang Photography]

1) “Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.” — Susan Taylor

2) “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” — Walt Disney Company

3) “Every flower must grow through dirt.” — proverb

4) “Every moment of every day blooms with possibilities.” — From You Flowers

5) “If I gather all the flowers in the world, their combined beauty can’t possibly surpass the beauty of your soul.” — From You Flowers

Popular Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets

August 25th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Are you looking to send flowers to someone who loves the colors lavender and/or purple? Lavender is a popular color this season, and purple is a long time favorite color of many women. Purple represents royalty and piety, while lavender, its close kin, represents a feminine softness. Together, lavender and purple flowers show an elegance that demonstrates your respect for the recipient, as well as your heartfelt wishes and love. It may be one of the reasons why lavender and purple bouquets are among some of the most popular to send during Mother’s Day.

Below are some of our bestselling Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets:

Lovely Lavender Bouquet

Lovely lavender bouquet, filled with roses, waxflower, daisies, peruvian lilies, and tulips via @fromyouflowers
One of our most popular flower arrangements, the Lovely Lavender Bouquet has a balanced mix of purple and lavender flowers. Lavender roses, waxflowers, and daisies are rounded out by the deeper purple in peruvian lilies and tulips. The flowers sit in a lovely purple passion container to complete the look.

Purple Passion Bouquet

Fun and flirty purple passion bouquet, with green spider mums, lavender roses, and purple stock. Via @fromyouflowers
Purple passion stock flowers meet lavender roses and wonderful green spider mums. This eye-catching bouquet commands the attention of any room with its fun and flirty spider mums, gorgeous flowers, and elegant cube vase. This bouquet is perfect for someone with a fun personality or someone who’s especially creative. In one of our reviews, Ed from Virginia wrote, “Flowers and vase were ideal for the 60th birthday celebration of our artistic niece!”

Lavender Garden Bouquet

Lavender Garden bouquet, with lavender roses and a variety of purple flowers. Via @fromyouflowers
Soft, full, and–dare we say–gorgeous, the Lavender Garden is an amazing way to express your sentiments. The bouquet is delightfully pretty, with purple and lavender roses, carnations, alstroemeria, and monte casino in a purple cache pot. The colors and flower species all complement one another in a pleasing and soft way, giving you the chance to send your message in a beautiful way.

Two Dozen Purple Roses

two dozen lavender roses via @fromyouflowers
Sometimes, a girl just loves roses, roses, and more roses. Hey, we get it. American novelist Gertrude Stein once wrote, “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” We think there’s a reason why she named roses and not any other flower! In this case, you can send the recipient two dozen roses to satisfy their color and rose desires. Win-win!

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