Top 5 Quotes For Getting Through Hard Times (Flower Edition)

September 11th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Top 5 Quotes For Getting Through Hard Times (Flower Edition). Image by Jen Huang Photography. @jenhuangphoto @fromyouflowers

[Image credit: Jen Huang Photography]

1) “Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.” — Susan Taylor

2) “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” — Walt Disney Company

3) “Every flower must grow through dirt.” — proverb

4) “Every moment of every day blooms with possibilities.” — From You Flowers

5) “If I gather all the flowers in the world, their combined beauty can’t possibly surpass the beauty of your soul.” — From You Flowers

Popular Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets

August 25th, 2013 by Ying Huang

Are you looking to send flowers to someone who loves the colors lavender and/or purple? Lavender is a popular color this season, and purple is a long time favorite color of many women. Purple represents royalty and piety, while lavender, its close kin, represents a feminine softness. Together, lavender and purple flowers show an elegance that demonstrates your respect for the recipient, as well as your heartfelt wishes and love. It may be one of the reasons why lavender and purple bouquets are among some of the most popular to send during Mother’s Day.

Below are some of our bestselling Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets:

Lovely Lavender Bouquet

Lovely lavender bouquet, filled with roses, waxflower, daisies, peruvian lilies, and tulips via @fromyouflowers
One of our most popular flower arrangements, the Lovely Lavender Bouquet has a balanced mix of purple and lavender flowers. Lavender roses, waxflowers, and daisies are rounded out by the deeper purple in peruvian lilies and tulips. The flowers sit in a lovely purple passion container to complete the look.

Purple Passion Bouquet

Fun and flirty purple passion bouquet, with green spider mums, lavender roses, and purple stock. Via @fromyouflowers
Purple passion stock flowers meet lavender roses and wonderful green spider mums. This eye-catching bouquet commands the attention of any room with its fun and flirty spider mums, gorgeous flowers, and elegant cube vase. This bouquet is perfect for someone with a fun personality or someone who’s especially creative. In one of our reviews, Ed from Virginia wrote, “Flowers and vase were ideal for the 60th birthday celebration of our artistic niece!”

Lavender Garden Bouquet

Lavender Garden bouquet, with lavender roses and a variety of purple flowers. Via @fromyouflowers
Soft, full, and–dare we say–gorgeous, the Lavender Garden is an amazing way to express your sentiments. The bouquet is delightfully pretty, with purple and lavender roses, carnations, alstroemeria, and monte casino in a purple cache pot. The colors and flower species all complement one another in a pleasing and soft way, giving you the chance to send your message in a beautiful way.

Two Dozen Purple Roses

two dozen lavender roses via @fromyouflowers
Sometimes, a girl just loves roses, roses, and more roses. Hey, we get it. American novelist Gertrude Stein once wrote, “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” We think there’s a reason why she named roses and not any other flower! In this case, you can send the recipient two dozen roses to satisfy their color and rose desires. Win-win!

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Hans Christian Andersen Quote on Life

August 22nd, 2013 by Ying Huang

This Throwback Thursday post is dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen, the father of some of the most poignant fairy tales ever written. The quote on life below belonged to his story “The Butterfly”:

Hans Christian Andersen quote. Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Heartwarming Grandparents Day Gifts and Flowers

August 15th, 2013 by Ying Huang

In the United States, National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day and falls on September 8th this year. Grandparents are so special to us, which is why looking for Grandparents Day gifts may be difficult. If you are searching for gifts for your grandmother, grandfather, or both, what lovelier present is there than to give them the gift of outdoor beauty or premium goodies that you know they would enjoy? Here are some gift ideas to show your grandparents just how special they are to you:

Fields of Sunshine Bouquet
gorgeous flower bouquet--yellow lilies, white roses, purple daisies. From @fromyouflowers for Grandparents Day
Send your grandparents a thing of beauty: gorgeous flowers artfully arranged to please their souls. The Fields of Sunshine bouquet includes golden yellow lilies, white roses, and purple daisies, all expertly arranged by a local florist. The bright colors work in harmony with one another, giving your grandparents a beautiful sight to gaze at in their very own homes. Flowers make us pause and feel peace and gratitude. Better yet: if they are given to us by someone else, they present a beautiful reminder that we’re loved and cared for. Send your grandparents the gift that symbolizes your love for them. This floral arrangement also comes in a classy, tall cobalt gathering vase that can be reused for future bouquets.

Sunshine Spirit Mini Rose
yellow roses for delivery via @fromyouflowers
The Sunshine Spirit Mini Rose brings joy to its recipient. If your grandparents love gardening or like having indoor plants around, send them a bright reminder that they are cared for and loved. The yellow rose plant is a lovely mini indoor garden that would grow, especially if you put it in a bigger pot. Your grandparents will enjoy watering the mini rose bush and anticipate watching roses bloom in their homes.

Fruit and Cheese Box
Fruit and Cheese Box via @fromyouflowers
Gift your grandparents this delightful assortment of juicy, fresh fruit, along with cheese, crackers, herb almonds, and mustard that they can enjoy alone or together. These healthy fruits and nuts are sure to make them smile, as they munch on these delicious snacks.

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Keep Calm and Blossom On: 5 Life Lessons from Flowers

July 9th, 2013 by Ying Huang

No one who has had the pleasure of gazing at flowers can deny their beauty. As a flower delivery company, we work with flowers daily, often drawing inspiration from them. Not only are flowers gorgeous, but they blossom effortlessly when given the bare necessities of water and sunlight.

Working with flowers, we often realized that life can be that simple for people too. Given the necessities (food, water, affection, etc.), we can blossom and continue to do so regularly.

What are some lessons we can learn from flowers that will help us along the continuous path of growth?

1) Make peace with past hurts and resentments:
Flowers continue to grow. In fact, they strive to bend themselves towards the sun at all times, feeding themselves in the present moment. Anyone who has been hurt deeply will tell you that our past pain can haunt us and make us want to cut ourselves off from nourishment (food, friends, joyful activities, etc.). As hard as it may seem at the time, pain is a part of human life. There is a Zen Buddhist saying that “pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” While life throws certain trials at us, it’s our ability to make peace with that pain that will eventually allow us to continue blossoming as individuals.

This doesn’t mean that the pain will cease completely–anyone who has grieved the death of someone close to them can let you know that the pain never fully dies. Not letting the pain overtake you, however, is a personal choice we can make to not become victims of our past. Making peace with pain will inevitably lead you on the path to personal fulfillment.

2) Stay true to yourself:
A flower blossoms naturally. If others were to force the petals open, the blossoms would not be as beautiful. In the same way, humans need to stay true to themselves. Only then can you derive true passion and true strength from your choices.

3) Surround yourself with people who allow you to blossom:
Just as flowers need nourishment to grow and blossom into the beauties that they are, we too need the nourishment of positive and supportive people in our lives. Being in the company of those who belittle us will hinder our self-growth and self-esteem. Being in the presence of great people would help us feel that we too are great.

4) Be good to yourself:
Flowers feed themselves first. We are not here to advocate selfishness–in fact, we believe that taking care of yourself first is the key to taking care of others. Not taking time for you can lead to tiredness and resentment. Help yourself and help others by taking time for things that you find joy in.

5) Be good to others:
While flowers need simple nourishment to blossom, humans are more complex. Consistently, psychology studies have shown that a key form of nourishment for us manifests itself in acts of kindness. Generosity heightens our sense of well-being and our happiness levels. In a recent study, Harvard Associate Professor Michael Norton found that giving away money helps subjects to feel wealthier and happier.

The below graphic is a reminder that like flowers, we too, can “blossom on” with human necessities, calming working to achieve our goals in the present.

Keep Calm and Blossom On via @FromYouFlowers

Another image–a reminder to surround ourselves with supportive people:

Inspirational Quote. Surround yourself with people who allow you to blossom. Via @FromYouFlowers

Keep blossoming!

4th of July Gifts

July 1st, 2013 by fyfblog

The 4th of July is a day when Americans celebrate the founding of our nation. On this day in 1776, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence to break away from Great Britain. Every 4th of July, we rejoice in the birth of our nation by watching bright and beautiful fireworks and eating barbecued foods. Share the spirit of Independence Day with family and friends by giving them 4th of July gifts that allow them to easily show their patriotism.

The Lady Liberty Bear by Build-A-Bear Workshop®

The Lady Liberty Bear by Build-A-Bear Workshop via @FromYouFlowers

This first gift is one that is bursting with pride. This cute teddy bear comes dressed as the Statue of Liberty, but in stars and stripes—the symbols of our flag. This patriotic bear is perfect gift to show your pride in a fun way.

The FTD® Unity™ Bouquet

Unity Flower Bouquet for 4th of July. 4th of July Gift Ideas via @FromYouFlowers

4th of July is also about family gatherings. This flower bouquet is the perfect gift to bring to the table. It represents America in a subtle yet beautiful way. Miniature flags complement the gorgeous red roses, blue irises, and white Peruvian lilies.

Stars & Stripes Forever

4th of July Gift Basket. Independence Day Candy via @FromYouFlowers

Surprise someone you care for when you send this novelty star basket filled with delicious red, white, and blue treats. Includes individually wrapped star-shaped sugar cookie, Ghirardelli® milk chocolate squares, chocolate truffle cookies, jelly bellies, popcorn and raspberry tea cookies. This basket comes with many goodies to munch on while watching the fireworks this year.

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Live Beautifully — You Deserve It!

July 1st, 2013 by fyfblog

A little Monday wisdom for us all. Live beautifully, moment by moment.

inspirational quote on living beautifully, beautiful tulips in the sunlight, via @FromYouFlowers

First Fathers Day Gift Ideas

June 13th, 2013 by fyfblog

The arrival of your first child is a scary yet exciting new change in your life. If you know someone who is a new father to his first child, it’s nice to congratulate him and show him that you’re there for him. Make a new dad’s first Father’s Day one he will always remember by getting him the perfect gift. Below are some first Fathers Day gift ideas to make any new father feel extra special.

Noah’s Ark Arrival

Noah's Ark Arrival Gift Set for new fathers on Father's Day

This basket is the perfect gift for a new father. This basket comes with all of the essentials for his new loved one. It contains six soft plush animals, a baby bottle, baby lotion and shampoo, and more (plus, animal crackers for the new dad to munch on). This gift shows that you care for both his and his baby’s needs, as the new dad continues to embark on the path of fatherhood.

Special Stork Delivery Baby Boy Basket

New baby gift set for a new father on Father's Day

Our second gift set is the ideal gift for a father and his new baby boy. This gift comes with goodies for the new father and the baby. There is a six piece gift set for baby that includes a baby vest, baby bib, embroidered cap, printed mittens, baby washcloth and brush and comb set. There is also a baby bottle, baby fork and spoon, Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, shampoo and baby powder.

Congratulations Dish Garden

Congratulations balloon and plant for a new father on Father's Day

Last but not least, this basket shouts Congratulations. In the decorative basket are varieties of a father’s favorite foliage. The basket is topped off with a Congratulations Mylar balloon. This basket is the perfect way to convey your encouragement and congratulations for a new father on his first Fathers Day.

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

June 13th, 2013 by fyfblog

Fathers Day is a time to show your appreciation for your father and father figures in your life. Fathers protect us, teach us to face our fears, and pick us up when we fail. Time spent with our fathers is precious–perhaps your father was the first to teach you to ride a bike, take you to a sports game, or sneak you a cookie before dinnertime. Show your father how happy you are to have him in your life this Father’s Day with a Father’s Day gift that says “Wow.”

Starbucks® Italian Basket

Starbucks Italian Gift Basket for Father's Day

This basket is the complete package for any coffee lover. Not only does it contain 17-ounces of 3 Italian style Starbucks coffees, a Starbucks mug, and four biscotti, but this basket also comes with a coffee press, letting your Dad enjoy fresh cups of delicious coffee every morning. Start your dad’s day with the amazing aroma and taste of fresh Italian-style coffee.

Stonewall Kitchen Grilling & Wine Gift Set

Stonewall Kitchen Grilling & Wine Gift Set for Father's Day

The weather’s getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. One of the best parts of summer is the family BBQs. This second gift idea is for the Dad who loves outdoor grilling in the summertime. This gift set contains sauces and seasoning that represent the taste of summer, like honey barbecue and Maple Chipotle Grille. Your dad would love grilling up delicious food for himself and the entire family.

Dom Perignon & Godiva 18-Piece Signature Truffles

Dom Perignon & Godiva 18-Piece Signature Truffles for Father's Day

This last gift is perfect if your Dad enjoys champagne. This bubbly drink is paired with the decadent taste of eighteen of Godiva’s signature truffles. You can fill out a card message that comes with this gift set–an extra special touch for an extra special dad.

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Best Friend Gift Ideas

May 23rd, 2013 by Stacey Doornbos

Best Friend Gift Ideas

In our lives, we have many types of relationships, and we often have many friends throughout the years. But there may be one or two friends who have consistently been with us through the good times and bad. These are the types of friends that we consider family. They love us, never judge us, and are always there if we need a laugh. Celebrate Best Friend’s Day with your best friend on June 8th. Here are some gift ideas to show your best friend how much you love and cherish them:

Chocolate Lover Gift Basket

Chocolate gift basket for best friend

Is your best friend a chocolate lover? This basket contains 17 different varieties of chocolate. It comes with cookies, pretzels, Graham crackers, popcorn and so many other sweet and salty treats all covered in chocolate. If your best friend loves chocolate, they will certainly love this basket. You and your best friend can enjoy this basket together.

Tazo® Tea Temptation

Tazo Tea Gift Basket

This gift set if perfect for someone who enjoys drinking tea on a daily basis. This basket comes with an assortment of Tazo teas: Earl Grey, Zen, Chai and many more unique and delicious flavors. To give your friend more pampering, this gift set also comes with a deluxe keepsake mug. This comforting and thoughtful gift will have your best friend relaxing to the soothing aroma of teas.

Skittles and Grins

Skittles and Candy Gift Basket

Do you and your best friend have a sweet tooth? This basket is full of all types of candy for you and your BFF to pig out on. This is a fun gift idea that will have your BFF smiling with joy. It’s the perfect snack for a movie night.

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