Top 3: Unique Purple Flower Arrangements

Purple flowers are popular. They’re the Zack Morris of flower arrangements right now. Everyone wants them! Perfect for birthdays, congratulations or just for a fun gift, these flowers always wow. Check out From You Flowers top 3 unique purple flower bouquets for delivery and then let us know which one is your favorite.

purple hydrangea, lavender roses, and lavender calla lilies in a purple vase for delivery

Perfect in Purple

A vibrant mix of purple roses, lavender hydrangea, and purple lilies delivered in a purple vase. A purple lover’s fantasy.

Dozen Lavender Roses in a Modern Flower Arrangement for Delivery

Lovely Lavender Dozen Roses

A sleek modern flower arrangement with a dozen lavender roses. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Purple Roses, Purple Daisies and Purple Flowers in a bouquet for Delivery

Lavender Flower Arrangement

A classic purple flower bouquet overflowing with purple daisies, purple roses and purple stock perfect to send as a gift.

What’s your favorite purple flower arrangement? We would love to know!


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