Puppies and Weddings


Love isn’t the only thing that breaks my heart. Those puppy dog eyes when our furry friends look at us after coming home. Oh man. How could we not include them in our weddings? They are so much apart of our families. And if you are hoping for the attendees of your wedding to say ‘this is the most adorable things I’ve ever seen’…well then you have no choice than to have your dog walk down the aisle.

There are many great ways to have your pup enjoy the day whether it’s posing for pictures with you, bringing the ring down the aisle, or just come to the party.

If you are having an outdoor wedding think about creating an mini doggie park where guests can bring their dogs too! Want to add a special touch? Have personalized doggy treats to hand out to any dog that comes.

Please comment on this post if you have a fun way to include man’s best friend in a wedding!

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{Dachshunds photo by John Solana Photography via Style Me Pretty}

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