30th Birthday Ideas


30th Birthday Party Ideas

Try some of these birthday ideas for something new this year! Out with the old and in with the new experiences. Just because you’ve gotten a year older and hit the next tier of life, doesn’t mean you should feel any differently. If anything, this is the time to really celebrate! Now that you’re 30 years old, you’ve probably accomplished at least a few major things in life. Below are some great 30th birthday ideas so that you can celebrate in a new and different way. We adore cake, flowers and gifts but when accompanied by a grand experience? Well, that’s even better.

1. Horseback Riding

Even if you have to venture slightly out of town for it, everyone to experience a horseback ride at least once. The first of our 30th birthday party ideas, saddle up and ride Starlight, Fifi, or your own Black Stallion down the beaten path for a memorable experience.

2. Bungee Jumping

For the bold, daring, and those who have not just eaten, go to a professional and learn how to take the plunge; quite literally. That late night work report will forever look like a breeze once you’ve jumped off a bridge or frighteningly high platform.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

You can either make it private or open to the public or even just close friends. Your channel can be easy or fancy, just think of it as a living diary. If you have kids, or grandkids later down the road, they’ll love seeing and listening to you talk about your heyday in real time. Have a theme or just talk about your day once a month or whenever you feel like it. You can all enjoy it!

4. Revamp Your Space

Grab Marie Kondo’s book and learn to declutter and start living life like a real adult. You’ll learn what things in your life actually bring you real joy and what’s left over for teenage years that needs a good boot out the door. Afterwards you can revamp your favorite space and make a comfort spot just for you! Redo one room, your apartment or a whole house, it’s entirely up to you!

5. Go to a Ridiculously Expensive Restaurant

Not just one of our fun birthday ideas but an easy one too! If riding horses or bungee jumping just seems like <i>a lot of a lot</i>, just spend a bit more money and take a simple car ride to a nice dining experience. We’re not talking about the nicer restaurant down the street, we mean really and truly treat yourself. Look for something with 5 stars, or even better, a one star Michelin ranking, and live! Live through eating that is. Parfait!

6. Get ALL The Massages

No, no you heard us correctly. Don’t “get a massage” – get all of them. Find a well rated massage or spa business close to you, and get the works. Most people think to have a spa day, but this is your 30th birthday so go big or go home. Get a mani pedi, get your hair blown out, get a foot, back <b>and</and> neck massage. If you use your search filters properly, you can find a business that encourages you to drink wine while you do it. Mmhmm, we’re in. Bring your girls or bros too if you want. Yes, we think men can benefit from a great spa day too!

7. Take On A New – Easy – Project

It’s your birthday so we don’t want to go too crazy with adding something time-consuming to our already busy lives. Taking on a new project could be something small but meaningful to you. If you cook a lot, consider buying some indoor seasoning plants and caring for them. Grow your own basil and cilantro which won’t require much effort other than a little watering and occasional pruning. You could also buy a canvas from a local art store and just paint for fun. Whatever you tackle make sure it’s fun and simple to enjoy. It’s your new pet project that you can tinker with whenever you feel so inspired!

8. Travel By Train

Everyone takes a weekend get away for the occasional birthday, but not everyone goes by train. Take an old school trip on a train to a destination you’ve always wanted to see and just get away from it all. You can travel solo or ask your friends to come along! You may even want to assign a retro theme to the weekend to match your train excursion. Dress to impress with ladies 1920’s clothing with flapper dresses, dropped waists and superbly fabulous hats. Not to mention, some fabulous Instagram pictures are sure to follow.

9. Have Something Custom Made

It’s time now. You’re 30 years old and you deserve your first piece of custom made clothing, if you’ve never had one before. Think about the items you wear every day and enjoy the most. When you have something custom made you should plan on keeping it a long time. It’s a financial investment and with a good seamstress, it’s worth every penny. Consider a fall coat or work dress or jacket. Having something tailor made just for you can be the epitome of luxury. This is one of our most highly recommended 30th birthday party ideas for her and him, because it’s a truly one of a kind treat made just for you.

10. Go to New York

If you haven’t had at least one birthday in NYC, then you haven’t lived yet. What can you not do in the Big Apple? Start the night with a great dinner in an exotic restaurant, visit Don’t tell Mama for some cabaret songs, meet some strangers and see where the night leads! From Japanese desserts to Broadway shows to random celebrity sightings. you’ll never forget it. For birthday ideas NYC would be the ideal place to be someone else for a weekend if you want. Live it up and see where the night takes you.

11. Go Salsa Dancing

Why salsa dancing in particular? It’s one of the easier formal dances to pick up. There are traditional forms, but when you go to a salsa club, there will be a lot of street salsa dancing. It’s easy to learn in just a few minutes, and you can enjoy dancing the night away. You don’t even have to take anyone with you! The people you meet at a dance club like this are there because they want to dance, and that’s it. Everyone’s meeting to enjoy a hobby they’re passionate about or they just love moving their body to the music. Don’t be afraid to ask a complete stranger to dance, they’ll love it!

12. Rent A Sports Car

Will it be a Corvette, Lamborghini, or a sleek, vintage F body style? Rent whatever sports car you’ve always dreamed about and take a weekend trip tot he beach or somewhere else you love. Just get into that beautiful, dream car and pretend you’re famous for a few days! Make sure to pay for the insurance though. Anytime you rent a luxury vehicle you want to make sure you’re covered. Just because you drive safely doesn’t mean that everyone else around you does.

13. Visit The Drive-In Theater

Drive in theaters still exist, and they’re still fun! Though this kind of birthday celebration is best suited to spring and summer birthdays, it’s fun and even a little romantic. You can go with your friends and make a little dinner movie picnic with wine and cheese, or bears and chips out on the grass. If you’re taking a date, spread a blanket out on the grass, take some pillows, and lay side by side so you can watch the film while also seeing the stars.

14. Luxury Hotel Room

Depending on where you live, you may something nearby that’s amazing. Instead of sitting around wondering what should I do for my birthday, research your local or neighboring hotels. Rent a hotel room for your birthday that has an amazing large window view, a giant jacuzzi tub, and a king sized bed. Once again you can take your friends or share the experience with your significant other. You can set the mood either way. Romantic roses on the bed for him or her, or a birthday cake and sloppy competing funny PJs with your friends and buddies. Make a competition of who can bring the worst pajamas!

15. Motorcycle License

One of our more fun and interesting 30th birthday ideas for men(but certainly not limited to only men!), consider getting a motorcycle license. It’s one of those silly things we all think about but don’t typically act on. Take a few days to study gradually and go take the step to qualify to drive a motorcycle. You may not be ready to purchase one, but any trip you take could be made more affordable and interesting with a motored bike. Touring Italy is romantic, but touring it on a European Vespa? That’s just sexy.

16. Karaoke Bar

Listen, there’s going to a karaoke bar, and then there’s going to a good karaoke bar. For the best karaoke experience look for a Japanese karaoke bar. They typically have private rooms so that you and your friends can enjoy musically shaming each other, just not in public. The more you drink that funnier the singing gets. You can rent rooms by the hour and some places even include unlimited drinks. Add an anime theme to your party and ask everyone to come in costume. Singing karaoke with friends is a blast, singing with your friends dressed in Sailor Moon costumes is immensely better.

17. Costume Party

On that note about costumes, why not host a costume party? You can pick whatever theme you want. Make everyone come as batman, the President, or their favorite Hollywood celebrity. Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you may learn a lot about your friends that you didn’t know before. You could have a sports player party, Halloween in Jun party or whatever random idea you dream up. There’s no limit to what you can do. Sad about turning 30? Make everyone else come to your birthday bash dressed as someone older than you.

18. Wine Night Prize Night

Skip the typical wine tasting routine this year and host your own. Invite friends and tell them each to bring a bottle and surprise you! Not only will you get exposed to some new blends you may have never tried, you’ll learn more about the people closest to you too. Pour all the wines, wear blindfolds, and try to guess which one is which. Whoever guesses the most wines correctly wins a prize. Whether it’s a good prize, corny $5 gift, or more wine is up to you.

19. Come As “Me” Party

Find out how people view you compared with how you see yourself with a come as me themed party. More than likely you will laugh hysterically and maybe discover some new things about yourself that not even you knew.

20. Shop Til You Drop

You’re a legitimate grownup when you reach 30, and your threads should reflect that. Go through your closet and get rid of everything labeled 100% polyester, it’s time. After you’ve cleaned up shop, go shopping and really splurge for once. The experience shouldn’t be about bringing home many things, it should be about hunting all day for the nicest thing you want, and deserve, the most. Get a 100% wool jacket, a real silk shift dress, or that James Bond neck tie you’ve always wanted. You’ll know it when you see it.



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