5 Last-Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes you need Valentine’s Day last minute gifts, we get it. From busy jobs, taking care of kids, or literally a million other things, life’s to-dos pile up quickly. Luckily for us we live in a day of age online ordering and of immediacy. You have only to ask and you will receive.

Change Up Your Movie Date Night

Love going to the movies with your honey bee? Make your Valentine’s Day movie night special by taking a trip to the closest Imax theater instead. Even if it takes you longer to get there, the added time helps your evening feel more like a special date. You can add some naughtiness to your evening by sneaking in your own dessert! Don’t grab a box of candy or sneak in a small bag of treats. Go big or go home! Sneak in an entire piece of chocolate cake and a little bit of wine. Don’t blame us if you get caught little dare devils!

Build a Spa Package Yourself

Spa packages are great options for both men and women, though we recommend them more so for her. There are several ways to do this. You can go to your favorite local store and put it together yourself or order a pre-made spa gift basket same day delivery. If you have an extra day you may also want to consider making one through Amazon. You don’t have to worry about which products to choose, just pick from the best sellers section wherever you shop and they’ll love your gift.

Watch The Best 50’s Hollywood Romance Films

Did you know that the American Film Institute considers the 1950’s film An Affair to Remember to be THE most romantic film ever created? Get on Amazon video, Netflix, and Hulu and see what you can find. You can watch by era, leading actor or actress, or by review rating. There’s something magical about old school movies, even the black and white ones! Start at Casablanca, move to Lullaby of Broadway and then watch Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. You’ll fall in love all over again, not to mention enjoy some amazing gowns, suits, and tap dancing. Love it!

Same Day Flowers And Gifts

If you want to romance your sweetie this year and finding time dwindling, remember that same day flower, chocolate, and teddy bear delivery are still great options. There’s a reason these gifts are still so sought after and traditional, everyone enjoys them. We’ve been giving loved ones flowers for literally centuries, and we’re still doing it. Send a bouquet of lovely red roses or a box of chocolates straight to their door. If you’re sending your girlfriend a gift, consider a giant teddy bear. Every woman adores it, no matter their age.

Cook Something Ridiculous

Yes, we literally mean something ridiculous. Find a recipe you both think would be great, and be absolutely as ostentatious about it as you wish. If you pull off a luxury three course meal, you can post it to social media and brag as much as you like. If it fails, you can do the same thing and share a good laugh with all your friends. Either way it’s a bonding experience you’ll both remember! Just make sure to buy wine in case you need to drown your sorrows after burning a chicken. There, there, it’s ok.

Gift Yourself And Some Roses (May Require Help)

Buy a cheap bouquet at a local stall and find a way to wrap yourself. Have some friends, a neighbor, or use your own ingenuity to wrap yourself. Make sure you know when they’re arriving home, preferably on time, and wrap yourself while holding your flowers. You can decide whether or not to let them just unwrap you, or you can scare them. While this does require a couple with a great sense of humor, we think it’s fun! Every relationship needs a surprise turn every now and then. Keep things interesting and buy lots of wrapping paper!

Clean The Refrigerator

We realize that it’s not the most romantic of things, but when you live together and life with the family is overwhelming, it’s great. Never underestimate the appreciation one feel’s with housework completed. Anyone can buy you a box of chocolates, but manual labor? That’s irreplaceable. Through random acts of love you can show someone the lengths you’re willing to go just to see them smile. If you want to add something romantic to the gesture then make the inside of the clean refrigerator pretty. Place a bouquet of flowers in the center(yes they’re fine in the refrigerator, it’s actually good for them), add some strawberries and chocolate, and they’ll be tickled pink.

Gift Them Hulu, Netflix or HBO GO

Get the show you guys have been wanting to watch on HBO, the new anime series you missed, or great films you can’t find elsewhere. It’s a simple gift you can purchase that you receive immediately! Give them a subscription to whichever one you think you’ll both enjoy watching the most together. Before you purchase a year-long subscription, make a list of what TV shows, channels, or videos you want most. After that do some quick research to see which platform is best for you. It’s the gift that keeps giving! Have a Spotify account? Check on Spotify before you purchase, sometimes they offer two for one deals!

Online Gift Cards

There’s nothing wrong with getting to pick out your own gift, in fact many people prefer it. If you’ve been together for awhile then no doubt you probably know some of their favorite stores. Go online and see which of those stores offers online gift cards. Don’t be surprised if most of them offer gift cards, a lot of companies make this a staple offering now. At most businesses you can choose between price points for gift cards or even set your own price. Pick whatever dollar amount you’re comfortable with, and they’ll email the gift card straight to your recipient. How fast and easy is that? The next time they get a moment to themselves, they can sit down and shop to their heart’s delight. Perfect!

Books at The Local Bookstore

Does your girlfriend or boyfriend love to read? Prove not only that you observe them, but that you know what their interests are. If you want recommendations, the staff can usually help you out. You can also go to the best sellers section to see what other readers are enjoying. Once there, don’t just grab the first best sellers you see, really look to see what you think they’d like. Maybe they enjoy how-to, biography, fiction or non-fiction books. If you have some time, you could sit down and read the first few pages of a few you think they’d like. The chances are, if you enjoyed reading them a little bit, they may too.

Try A Restaurant You’ve Never Been To

We don’t mean visiting the local fried chicken spot(unless that really is your thing!). Either visit that place you’ve both been talking about, or do a quick search online to find something new. Don’t be afraid to venture completely out of your comfort zone. You can find something exotic and entirely different. Perhaps you’ll discover that you love Indian, Vietnamese, or Koran food! How wonderful would it be for you both, to expand your horizons through a shared experience? There’s also something very bonding about eating together. One more recommendation? If you have kids, leave them with a babysitter or friend for the evening. For your Valentine’s Day date, you should focus on the loving relationship you share together.

A Shared Diary

A shared diary is great way for couples to share how they’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be about each other either. You can write thoughts about work, about friends, or dreams that you have. Have an open book policy and try to write in it at least once a week. It’s also better not to read them to each other. Read them later when the other is out. This separation is important because it makes it easier to really share what you’re thinking. If you start reading things out loud, then you’ll start to change your words or edit what you write. You don’t want that. This is a great way to share thoughts, feelings, and frustrations without the other person feeling defensive. You can choose to talk about it, or to just observe and learn how to treat each other well. When you buy the diary, be sure to pick something nice like a leather bound notebook. This item needs to feel important, not cheap, because it reflects your most important emotions. When you touch and write in it, it needs to feel important and special.

Go Look at The Stars

You may have to explore your area online to find a high enough point if you’re living in a city, but it can be done! Take your loved one for a night drive and make a romantic visit to the stars. You can take a bottle of wine if you want, just make sure to pace it so you’re alcohol-free if you have to drive home. Share you deepest wishes or life plans with each other as you sit below glistening starlight. Being outside and in nature should help you to open up to each other. Let the fresh air give you both a positive mind set and when you go home you’ll feel rekindled anew. Now that’s romantic. Not everyone will give you the stars for Valentine’s Day. It’s the most last minute gift you can give! You’ll have to wait for the evening to arrive, but the wait is well-worth it.

Giant Stuffed Animals

We already mentioned this briefly, but we don’t mind really pushing it home, so to speak! Every woman no matter her age has secretly hoped to receive a stuffed animal deliver. It’s hard to ask for something that you feel childish receiving, but they really are great! Whenever someone receives a giant stuffed animal delivery it’s always followed by a huge smile. That goes for men and women both! Bears, bunnies, cats, whichever animal you prefer, it’s sure to be adored by your little love bird. Since you can send them same-day, it can get to their office or home way before you do – ideal!

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