5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding


1. Be Your Own DJ

With iTunes these days it can be really easy to make your own wedding mix. Just go into iTunes, create a new playlist and put all the songs you would love to hear on your big day inside of it. Next ask your friends and see if anyone has a guitar app. Now all you need is a cord that connects your computer to the app and voila!

I attended where the couple incorporated their and their friends favorite music. It went off beautifully!

2. Send Electronic Wedding Invitations or Save the Dates

Recently I was invited to my cousin’s wedding via an electronic wedding invitation. This option does not only save you some green, but it literally saves green!

For more information check out ourwedvite.com

3. Buy Flowers from the Local Farmers Market

Many couples are choosing to celebrate their local flower market for their weddings. Personally I know two brides who went to their farmers market the morning of their wedding and picked out the brightest local flowers to decorate their reception or to hold walking down the aisle.

4. Coupons Coupons Coupons

Just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t save! If you are going to purchase wedding decorations, cake toppers, or anything of the like I would recommend you check out Michael’s. Michael’s always has great coupons (usually you can find a 40% off coupon online) to help you buy what you want while keeping some spare change in your purse.

5. Honeymoon Close to Home

Chances are that after your wedding you are going to be exhausted. Why fly somewhere (which just takes more of your energy) when you can just drive to a closest beautiful escape. In Michigan, where I grew-up many couples are choosing to drive up the west coast to vacation towns and stay in a bed and breakfast. Then they save their pennies and use them for a great vacation on their first year anniversary.

We would love to hear how you or one of your friends has saved money on their wedding!



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