Autumn Floral Arrangements



Summer is officially over! September 22 marked the Fall Equinox and the official start of Autumn. Even if Summer is your favorite time of year, how can anyone not get at least get a little excited over the joys of this season: evenings by the fireplace, the beautiful changing of the leaves, football, Halloween and of course, Thanksgiving!

Bring out your creative side this Autumn and decorate your house with signs of the season– all it takes is a walk to your own backyard or quick trip to your local farmers’ market and you can design some unique and easy decorations for your home. Dried wheat tied in bunches and displayed in a wooden bowl make a wonderful table centerpiece and can also be given as presents for guests to take with them after a cocktail or dinner party. Another unique idea for a centerpiece is to purchase some gourds or pumpkins from your local store and display them on a platter; mix some leaves or flowers from your backyard to complete the festive look!

The colors of fall are probably best displayed through the fall foliage and the flowers and plants in season during this time. Take advantage of the lustrous and rich shades of seasonal flowers such as gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and calla lilies; or spread some autumnal cheer to someone you care about by sending a beautiful mum plant or blooming cyclamen. Or, consider sending a festive flower centerpiece showcasing the colors of the season.

sunflower rose orange lily fall flower cornucopia arrangement

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, spend time with family and friends by hosting an evening of entertainment! Start with some delicious seasonal beverages such as hot harvest cider or hot brandy toddy and serve them with warm and delicious appetizers like ginger brie bites or pumpkin risotto cakes. Top the meal off with a delectable dessert such as an apple upside down cake and your evening is sure to be a hit! You can pass the time between servings of this scrumptious food by playing games for an intimate group of people like charades, Pictionary, or try some classic board games that are sure to bring out the fun yet competitive side of everyone!

Happy Autumn from all of us at—now, get out and enjoy the season!

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