Cheap Halloween Gift Baskets


Halloween, formerly known as All Hallows Day is a day where Christians remember the dead. In America we celebrate this day by dressing up in fun costumes and indulging in lots of candy. It is nearly impossible to enjoy this yearly celebration without eating savory treats. Below are some tasty options you are guaranteed to enjoy on Halloween, the scariest night of the year.

Chocolate Gift Basket


There is no better way to celebrate Halloween then with a giant gift basket for you and loved ones to indulge in. This basket has all the possible sweets one can think of including chips, cookies and a variety of chocolates and candy bars. With so many tasty options, this gift basket is guaranteed to leave a sweet smile on everyone’s face after eating it.

Hallowoon teddy bear gift basket


This has to be the cutest costume ever. Teddy brings 18 Nibblers Bite-Sized Cookies and 2 hand frosted Pumpkin Shaped Cookies. Halloween can’t possibly get any better when you’re spending it with a cute new friend who brings yummy treats.

halloween gift basket


With so much candy and so many options, this gift basket is assured to satisfy everyone’s taste buds including the Trick or Treaters. Everyone will especially love the seasonal Halloween candy. The buyer also receives a decorative gift basket. This is definitely a must have deal!


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