Chocolate Gifts Delivered for Valentines Day


Chocolate Gifts Delivered on Valentines Day

send valentines day chocolate candy basket and roses on valentines dayYou know the old saying, “A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away.” It may not be scientific, but it definitely is a lot tastier than some of the other alternatives. Chocolate is one of those treats that is universally adored, loved by (almost) everyone and resisted by (almost) no one. Whether it be as an after dinner delicacy, a special occasion treat or a quick breakfast eaten on your way to work (just us? okay..) it melts in your mouth just the same.

As we approach the most romantic holiday of the year, it’s great to start thinking about getting a little creative with your gifting. Maybe your one true love doesn’t have a green thumb and will forget to water whatever living thing you send her. Or maybe he is allergic to all living things and would love to be reminded of how much you love him but also would like to be able to breath. Or just maybe you love them so much that in addition to a beautiful bouquet that says to them “You’re In My Heart”you want to get some chocolate gifts delivered for Valentine’s Day.


Pair it with chocolate!

red roses with chocolate delivery for valentines day chocolate gifts

Now yes, all chocolate is delicious, but that does not mean that there isn’t an art to giving the gift of chocolate. The joy of chocolate is the variety it offers. It comes in different shades, different shapes, different sizes covering all different things. Start by asking yourself, who is this gift for.

The Inner Child

Remember that feeling when you were a little kid trick-or-treating and that one door opened up and they handed you a king sized candy bar? Well, The Sweetest Candy Gift Basket is like that, but even better. It’s a basket full of all your favorite classics. The candy that you resist while standing in line at the grocery store, or the fun sized treats you catch yourself stealing from your kid’s Halloween pail after they go to sleep that’s never quite enough? It’s all here. And it’s all for that special someone. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spoil the ones we love with indulging in things we don’t otherwise get. And if you play your cards right, they might even share this basket with you.

chocolates delivered on valentines day with basket and pink bow


Another great gift to spoil their inner child is to Say It With Love, and send them a bundle of flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear. They can snack on a box of chocolates while snuggling with this bear. It’s small and cute, perfect to display as a reminder or to sleeping with.

Chocolate gifts delivered for Valentines Day roses delivery


The Multitasker

valentiens day chocolates delivery chocolate gift basketDoes your true love appreciate being efficient and getting two things done at once? Or is it sometimes hard for them to make up their mind, loving all treats? Well do not fear, chocolate covered Valentine’s Day treats are here!

It is the solution for any situation in which someone may find themselves asking, “Should I have a strawberry or should I have a piece of chocolate?” No longer does that person have to wonder and deliberate, they can now have both. And they can enjoy both when you send them the Love Chocolate Covered Berry Box. Or maybe you love someone who does not mess around when it comes to chocolate covered food, and you want to send them something less fruity and more.. chocolate focused. Enter the I Love You Chocolate Covered Oreos – a chocolate lover’s dream. The perfect treat to send her while she’s at work and needs a midday pick me up, or a delectable dessert for after your romantic dinner at home. However you say it, say it covered in chocolate.

Another great idea for the multitasker is the Valentine’s Day Nut and Nonpareil Two Tray Gift Set, the perfect thing to send someone who loves a variety of chocolate treats or may want to share with his coworkers. Maybe you’re sending this box to your parents to let them know you love them – and because of their love you are around. But your mom is more of a chocolate covered nuts gal while your dad is straight chocolate nonpareil type of man, well, this gift set is just perfect for them.

same day chocolate delivery for valentines day with red bow

The Chocolate Snob

Now there are two type of people, people who love all chocolate – they don’t discriminate between colors or sizes or shape – and people who love chocolate so much they save their chocolate eating for only the best…in their opinion… chocolate.

“Godiva or Get Out.” That’s what she always says. The Godiva Chocolate Pure Bliss Gift Basket satisfies every craving for Godiva she has. This basket includes a variety of Godiva chocolates, all as rich and smooth as the next.

chocolates delivered on valentines day Godiva gift basket

Maybe your Valentine isn’t a Godiva girl and more of a decadent dude, which is why we have our Absolute Decadence basket made just for him. This basket is the Rolls Royce of chocolate baskets. The creator of handmade chocolates for over 80 years, Harry London, created this basket to satisfy the palate of a true chocolate connoisseur. With Chocolate espresso squares, dark and milk chocolate truffles, creamy caramels and milk chocolate pralines, the list goes on! No chocolate craving will be left unturned after sending this to your one true love.

dark chocolates delivered for valentines day same day

And finally, for the person who knows what they want and nothing else. None of that variety nonsense, just her one true love: Reese’s. A Reese’s Candy Bouquet, because who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a bouquet of the only candy that really matters. We rest our case.


reeses chocolate candy gift basket valentine chocolate delivery

Chocolate is the right present for when you don’t know what to get someone or when you know exactly what they want. It is the perfect pairing to a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet, a teddy bear or by itself. Getting chocolate gifts delivered for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to say “I Love You,” because after all – all you need is love… and chocolate!red rose purple flower bouquet with valentines day chocolate gifts

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