Classic Easter Flower Arrangements


Easter is a celebration of new life, both spiritually and seasonally. As the flowers start to bloom reminding us that Winter can only last so long, so too those who are Christian are reminded that new life has been given to them. In whatever way you celebrate , Easter is a joyous occasion to bring family and friends together around a table to enjoy the gifts of life that we have been given.

Easter flowers and plants are a wonder centerpiece for the day. Place a colorful pastel floral Easter centerpiece on your family dining room table or send a cherished Easter plant to family members far away this holiday. At From You Flowers’ we offer a wide variety of classic Easter flowers for fast delivery in the USA. Here is a look at our top Easter gifts.

Blooming Easter Lily

easter lily plant

Chuches all a crossed America are filled with these stunning plants on Easter morning. Easter Lilies are easy to care for plants that feature stunning white flowers. In the Bible the lily flower was mentioned by Jesus in the sermon on the mount. Jesus said in Matthew 6:26, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; They toil not, neither do they spin: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”. It is true that the beauty of nature can take our breathe away, without even trying a Lily can show us the beauty of the world.

Classic Easter Centerpiece

Easter Flower Centerpiece

Add a touch of seasonal color to your Easter celebration with this beautiful Easter Flower Centerpiece. Arranged by a local florist this centerpiece is created with fresh flowers including purple roses, daisies, pink carnations, lilies and alstroemeria. Two candles are placed at the center for you to light during your Easter dinner.

Easter Tulips

Easter tulip bouquet

Tulips are a flower that can only grow in one season, Spring. With a delivery of tulips are you truly celebrating the Spring season and the new life it brings. This tulip bouquet is delivered with a variety of colorful tulips from yellow tulips, to the ever popular pink tulip. Choose the amount of tulip stems you would like in the vase from 10 to 20 stems. Delivered with a personalized card message to send your Easter blessings.

Enjoy all the available Easter flowers for delivery on Sunday April 16th, 2017 including a large selection of Easter centerpieces and Easter flower arrangements at From You Flowers.

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