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With our new blog look, we are also updating what we write about every week, which is very exciting! Here is what you will be finding everyday on our flower blog:

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Monday: 3 Things not to miss this week

We are going to highlight 3 things you can’t miss in the coming week. Whether it is a new movie coming out, an event, or a special deal we have running on

Tuesday: Tuesday Trivia

Each Tuesday we will be asking a Flower Trivia question, you’ll have 24 hours to answer the question for a chance to win a prize!

Wednesday: Recipe Wednesday

We will highlight a great recipe each week. These recipes will come from our own favorites, new recipes we find, along with some of your own personal recipes

Thursday: Blog of the Week

On Thursday we are going to share some of our favorites blog posts about crafting, flowers, decorating, cooking and more!

Friday: Friday Family

At From You Flowers we know how important family is, because of this we are going to spend a whole day focused on families. We will share tips for great things to do with your family or funny family photos.




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