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Fruit baskets are truly an incredible all-purpose gift. They can serve as a thoughtful way to express sentiments for a wide variety of milestones and occasions. From you Flowers offers the freshest fruit delivery service and has select same-day options when ordered before 3PM in the delivery zip code.

As for their intents, fruit baskets delivery can be used for almost as many events as their are fruit types. They are also an overall ideal gift for when you have difficulty buying for someone as it makes for a delicious basket of treats. In celebration of a baby boy or girl, a fruit basket is a welcoming gift for new parents as the contents won’t take time away from their bundle of joy.

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Those with a new apartment and home would certainly appreciate a fruit basket as they are so busy unpacking and settling, and makes for a healthy and quick snack. And although it may not be the most romantic gift, fresh fruit may be just the right anniversary present for those who are health conscious, or those who want to give their partner something more unexpected. Birthdays are usually filled with cake or other desserts; make your gift stand out with apples, bananas, and more.

Gift baskets can also sent as a gesture for the family who recently lost of a loved one, as a way to symbolize life and provide a bit of comfort, if not, nourishment. Maybe someone you know is injured or ill and you are looking for a get well gift to send them as a little cheering up. Perhaps someone you know recently got promoted at work, so why not send him or her a special delivery to the office?

Life has ups and downs and in it include arguments and with that, apologies. A fruit basket while it may not wholly amend the situation, but may help clear the air when sent as an I’m sorry gift. On the flip side of that, a fruit basket can also be ordered as a thank you gift for a friend, relative, or teacher.

Our Three Favorite Fruit Baskets

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Premium Fruit Basket

For a remarkable edible gift that is also healthy, this premium fruit basket is the perfect solution. An assortment of fresh and seasonal fruits are arranged and delivered in a keepsake wicker basket. With same-day delivery available, this also makes for a great gift in case an event slipped your mind. On top of that, it comes with a free personalized card message along with the option to add mylar balloons and/or a box of chocolates to make your present even more special.

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Gourmet Goodness Fruit Basket

If you are looking for a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions, look no further than this basket full of fruity goodness. Two different types of apples, pears, and oranges, as well as a grapefruit are hand-arranged in a woven keepsake basket. This is available for next-day delivery to the delight of your recipient, and includes a free card to be personalized with a message of your choosing. Whether near or far, your loved one(s) will appreciate and enjoy this sentiment.

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Fruit & Gourmet Basket

If you want a gift that is a combination of healthy and some indulgence, then this is the one to purchase. A wicker basket decorated with a colorful bow contains fresh fruit, along with a gourmet cheese, crackers, and sausage mix. Available in three sizes and for same-day delivery, this is a gift that is sure to please and delight. In addition to a personalized card message, there is also the option to add on either a box of chocolates, mylar balloons, or both!

And as a milestone in life, graduation is yet another reason for sending a fresh fruit basket, whether it is for a high school, college, or beyond graduation. Then there are gifts that don’t need a holiday or reason and you would like to send someone something just because they are on your mind. Fruit baskets also make for a wonderful alternative for those who have allergies to flowers and your recipient is sure to be appreciative of you.

As an added bonus, these make for a shareable gift between family or friends, and can be enjoyed by a handful of people. It is a wonderful way to spread the joy, or just keep to yourself. Delivered in keepsake wicker baskets, these come in different colors, shapes, and ribbons.

The baskets can then be repurposed for other things such as holding decorative objects, using as another gift basket, or utilizing as a kitchen counter centerpiece. Regardless of why you are sending, we have included our three favorite fruit baskets below, all which serve the numerous holidays and occasions as previously stated.

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