Going Local!


So you’ve gone green – or you’ve at least heard about it – but have you gone local?  With new words popping up in our vocabulary like “locavore” there’s clearly a mounting a trend towards supporting local businesses, especially farmers and artisans.  While the great recession may have tipped the scales in favor of big box, low-price retailers there’s still a place for your local business and the movement is poised to regain steam in years ahead.


FromYouFlowers.com operates using a network of 30,000+ local florists to fulfill your order.  Each time you shop with us – whether you’re sending to Portland, ME or Portland, OR – you’re supporting a local florist.  Not only that but you’re choosing an environmentally friendly option and sending the very best handcrafted arrangement.

A Couple Other Ways to Go Local

Farmer’s Market –  Perhaps the best place to find the locavore in its natural habitat, the farmer’s market is a celebration of all things local.  If you’re looking for fresh vegetables, quality organic meat or one-of-a-kind handcrafted items, chances are your local farmer’s market has you covered.  It’s also worth noting that small farms are a dying breed across America and this is a great way to support one.  Pictured below is our favorite, the Ashlawn Farm Market in Lyme, CT – the centerpiece of which is the locally-roasted Farm Coffee.  Check out LocalHarvest.org to find a market close to you!

local florist delivery 1 local florist delivery 2 local florist delivery 3

Drink Local – Put down that fancy, overrated import and support your local brewery.  With roughly 1,500 breweries in the US we’ve come a long way but still have a ways to go if we want to reach the pre-prohibition high of 4,100.  Almost every town in America had a local brewery back then but legislation coupled with mass production brought an end to that tradition.  Today craft brewers struggle to compete with the massive (and mostly foreign) industrial light lager companies but you can support yours by simply enjoying a pint!

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