How To: Buy Funeral Flowers


Deciding what type of funeral flower arrangement to send can be a difficult choice. There are such a variety of options, along with customary arrangements for family and friends. Today I am going to write some simple tips to keep in mind as you order funeral flowers online.

1. There are some funeral flowers that are dedicated for family members to purchase. These include casket sprays, which are full length or half length flower arrangements to be placed on the casket and sympathy wreaths. All of these flower arrangements come with a variety of flowers from classic white roses and lilies to bright mixed flowers.

2. If you have a close relationship to the family of the deceased it’s appropriate to send flower arrangements or living plants. When choosing a flower arrangement feel free to us a clear glass vase or a white vase, and if you do not know what type of flowers to choose go stay with whites, greens, and pale colors. Sending a funeral plant is also a wonderful choice, since the family can take it home following the service.

3. Need to save money or looking for cheap funeral flowers? A good choice is to either send a funeral plant or go in with a group of people who are all close to the family and send an arrangement together.

4. Children can send casket pillows in memory of the family member they have lost.

5. All funeral flower arrangements should be sent to the funeral home or church prior to the service so they can be on display. If you miss the service, it is good to send a funeral gift basket or a plant to the home of the family member you are closest to.

Remember that no matter what you send or when you send it, the family will appreciate your act of kindness.


  • Myra Johnson says:

    Thanks for this helpful five basic tips on funeral flower arrangements indeed our loved ones need the best of what we can offer, flowers especially living plants are crucial and symbolic during the wake and the significance of love we share to them. What i like most are classic white roses which remains pure and heavenly.

  • Flowers for Funeral UK says:

    These funeral flower pictures are looking really great and inspirational too. Good luck for the future.

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