How To: Decorate for a Dinner Party


Hosting a dinner party at your house soon? Sounds like a lot of fun! Use these easy tips when you start to decorate for your dinner party.

1. Clean

I know this sounds basic, but sometimes we forget. Clean your floors, bathroom, and kitchen to look spotless. Your guests will be wowed and you will look like you are always this amazing.

2. Make the food the decoration

Anyone who has watched Martha Stewart know that food sometimes is all about the presentation. So when your guests walk into the party have a place where you have put out a main welcome drink, either in a punch bowl or a glass drink dispenser. Then lay out your appetizers in a fun spread around the welcome beverage. It is a good idea to use brightly colored foods and show them in a unique way, like salad on a stick.

3. Fill the Room with Fresh Flowers

There is nothing that turns an everyday room into a beautiful space like freshly arranged flowers. Place a bouquet of mixed flowers with colors of the season on the table or in the welcome area, to enhance the room.

We hope you have a blast at your party!

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