How to Keep Your Flowers Looking Beautiful


Flowers need a little love to keep looking beautiful for days. Here are a few simple tips for making sure your flower arrangements is always looking it’s best.

1. Keep the Flower Vase Clean

When you notice the flower vase sides are dirty, it’s time to do some cleaning. Simply take the flowers out and place them in another container while you give the vase a quick hand cleaning. Make sure to rinse out all the soup and fill up the vase with fresh water before placing the flowers back in.

2. Snip Snip

After a few days it can be good to cut the end of the flowers. To do this run the bouquet under water and cut the edges at a 45 degree angle.

3. Say Goodbye to Dead Flowers

A flower or a leaf die early? Simply take out or pluck off that part of the arrangement. When you get to a time that more then a few flowers have died, it can be a good idea to rearrange the flowers into a smaller vase.

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