How to Send Flowers to Someone’s Job


Sending flowers to someone’s job is a wonderful way to further express what you may have already said to him or her. Flowers can be sent to both men and women and appropriate for just about any relationship you have with that person. Whether they are a family member, friend, co-worker, or significant other, receiving flowers will be appreciated. Office flowers are also a gift that can be sent for any occasion such as for a birthday, to welcome a new baby, or just because you are thinking of them.

Family and friends can be sent flowers to their job at any time, however, you may want to consider only sending something to a co-worker for a big event like celebrating his or her marriage. In doing so, you will prevent anyone from having the wrong idea, saving both of you from an unwanted gossip. Whoever you decided to send flowers to though, you should keep in mind the following:


  • Fragrance: When sending flowers, keep the fragrance flowers give off in check. Everyone may appreciate the beauty of flowers, but not everyone likes, or can tolerate the small. That said, avoid sending orchids and stargazer lilies, as these both have powerful scents.
  • Size: When sending flowers, especially to someone’s job, be mindful of the bouquet size. They may only have a cubicle with a desk, and not much room to spare. Or, there is also the possibility that he or she may be embarrassed with an over-the-top arrangement.
  • Flower color: Unless you are sending flowers to your significant other, avoid sending red flowers, in particular roses, as they symbolize love and romance, and may convey the wrong message to your recipient. Multi-colored, yellow and white bouquets are widely acceptable colors for any recipient. Furthermore, yellow roses symbolize friendship and good health, and white roses symbolize new life, which are ideal for a new baby gift.
  • Life-span: Consider the life span of flowers when sending them to someone’s job. Alstroemerias, carnations, and roses are all long-lasting flowers that can be enjoyed for days and weeks to come.
  • Other alternatives: Something else to think about, would be to send an alternative to flowers, such as floor plants or flowering plants. Your recipient may in fact be allergic to flowers, or just have a preference to greenery over flowers.

Sending Flowers to Someone’s Job

When sending flowers to someone’s job, it is important to have the correct information in order to ensure that the florist can make the delivery. The below outlines what you will need and should note prior to sending flowers. And further along, we have provided ideas for what flowers to send to their job.


  • the full name and address of recipient, including floor number and/or department
  • a contact number for your recipient, should he or she need to be reached
  • note what time your recipient works until, and the business hours of the office
  • send flowers at the start of the week so your recipient can enjoy all week long


The Bright Blue Skies Bouquet

This bouquet is one of our best-sellers, and it is easy to see why. Blue delphinium, purple monte casino blooms, white Asiatic lilies, and yellow roses beautifully combine together in a clear glass vase. The brilliant white and bright yellow floral colors are sure to brighten your recipient’s day, and leave a lasting impression.


Sunflower Surprise

Send your recipient a cheerful floral bouquet with this sunflower surprise. Golden sunflowers are put together with green hypericum berries and green trachelium. The flowers are hand-arranged in a clear glass cube vase and accented with curly willow, for a delicate touch. This bouquet can be delivered the same-day as ordered, and sure to surprise and delight.

sending flowers to someone at their job mixed alstroemeria bouquet

Rainbow Peruvian Lily Bouquet

For a gift sure to bring color and liveliness, look no further. Hot pink, purple, orange, red, and yellow Peruvian lilies  are arranged in a clear glass vase with a decorative purple bow. The lilies, otherwise known as alstroemerias, are a simple but pretty flower. And best of all, they are long-lasting, so your recipient to enjoy them at work for days to come.


how to send flowers to someone at their office mixed carnation flower bouquetSorbet Surprise

Surprise your recipient at his or her workplace with this lovely floral arrangement. Dark, light, and medium pink, along with green carnations are accented with pink waxflowers and fresh greens. These hand-arranged flowers are delivered in a glass cube vase, and guaranteed to make someone’s day a little more beautiful.


Mixed Rainbow Roses

Bring sunshine into your recipient’s life at work with this beautiful bouquet. One dozen mixed colored roses are hand-arranged with lush greens. The flowers vary in color such as orange, red, and yellow for a rainbow of floral beauty.  Delivered in a clear glass vase by a local florist, this bouquet is one to be remembered.


Dish Garden with Fresh Cuts

For an alternative to flowers that are just as lovely, this dish garden is an ideal choice. A selection of fresh green plants are hand-arranged with yellow daisies in a wicker basket. The duo of flowers and plants makes for the perfect office gift for a number of occasions and recipients and is available in three different sizes.



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