How to Spend Valentine Day Single


How to Celebrate Being Single Valentine’s Day 2019

We’ve all been there at least once, many more times if we’re going to be honest. You’re walking through your local convenience store looking for a cold remedy or house cleaner, and there it is. A huge isle of valentine’s Day gifts, cards, and chocolates; mocking you with their cold indifference. No one needs a grandmother to remind them they’re single anymore. Every shopping window you pass is ready to fill in for them. You don’t need a reminder that you’re heading home alone yet again, there’s always some form of stuffed animal with doe eyes making sure you can’t forget it. Some of you may feel liberated, passing by all the pink and red displays, celebrating your freedom to its full extent. For those of you who feel like heading towards the ice cream isle for some much needed TLC, this post is for you. Take our hand, and discover just how wonderful Valentine’s Day can be as a single ready to mingle.

Throw a Galentine’s or Broentine’s Day Party

We are supportive of all peoples and each individual! Whether it’s with your girl friends or guy friends, you can have a Valentine’s Day party that’s fun or even daring. Cook dinner together at home and have everyone bring a bottle of wine to help out with the event. You and your gals could also go for a spa day or mani pedis. Take the whole day to spoil yourself and just have fun with it. If you and your friends are activity lovers or outdoor fanatics, meet to concur a new hiking trail. If you don’t have any nearby trails or hiking routes, take a look at your local gyms, they might have rock climbing.

Romantic Dinner – Of Mixed Friends

Everyone thinks of a romantic dinner and drinks as a great Valentine’s Day date, but when you’re single, there are other options that are equally fun. Isn’t dinner much more fun when you have more people you enjoy and like there with you? Call it a couples mixer(or don’t, it’s entirely up to you), and set up the table like they did back in olden days with actual name cards. It makes your event look more elegant, and it gives you the chance to seat everyone boy girl, boy girl. Your friends can meet each other, and they’ll either leave with a great new friend, or possibly a romantic love interest. What’s great is not setting anyone up on an awkward date. You’re simply providing an opportunity. Whether or not anything moves forward is solely up to them.

Watch a Great Documentary

There are some great documentaries to watch right now on Hulu and Netflix. Don’t even cook if you don’t want to! Just order food in, and start browsing online for something that meets your tastes. You can learn what King Henry’s court was like, or watch the Fire Island documentary on Netflix and Hulu(they’re different). Trust us, you want to see that. Your evening can be educational, or you can learn about current events in the world. Not into factual documentaries? There’s always Bob’s Burgers or Family instead. You just do you!

Attend a Local Shared Event

Look at fun local listings in your area, or visit to find groups of people meeting for Valentine’s Day! You never know what groups you’ll find. You could go to a singles mixer if you feel like it, but there are groups who meet for wine and movies too. Meet other yogis for a Valentine’s Day morning workout, or simply go to dinner with a group of people who like the same music as you. Lots of companies sponsor such events regularly, and especially around the holidays.

Take on a Valentine’s Day Recipe

You don’t have to be an amazing cook to try a fun Valentine’s Day recipe. Also your V-day recipe doesn’t have to be a romantic cheesecake with a red compote and designer toppings. Expand your horizons and try a great pork chop with a glass of wine. If cooking is challenging for you, consider some easy heart shaped sugar cookies and color them with food coloring techniques. You can go as simple or as luxury as you want. We have a few tips for getting a good recipe. With so many different recipes online to choose from, it’s easy to get a dud. Just look at the bottom of the webpage and look for comments from other users. You’ll want to look for comments saying that the recipe works and tastes great. Avoid anything that has negative comments or a low star rating. What’s our recommendation? If you have an Instant Pot, you can make anything from pork shoulder ragu to cherry lam-chops. A pressure cooker can make anyone an amazing chef. We love it!

YouTube Valentine’s Day Crafts

Go to YouTube and find the newest Valentine’s Day crafts! You can peruse a whole list of how-tos for the holiday that will be fun and teach you how to do something new. Making something for someone else? Forget that! Look through the videos and find something that you want for yourself. It’s all about you this Valentine’s Day 2019 and you should make something that you want. It can be a functional item if you feel like trying knitting, or you can make a candle and relax in the bathtub later. Just make sure whatever crafting or DIY video you choose, it’s something that you want to do for yourself. An added benefit? You’ll also feel accomplished because you’ll have a new skill.

Escape It All

Why have a staycation when you can actually take a real one? If you’re over the floating hearts, chocolate candies, and lovey dovey words; just escape it all and seek some positive vibes. Your vacation can be a long one if you have the time and funding, or you can scale back and still have a wonderful time. Look at your options, depending on where you are, you may not even need a costly plane ticket. Many areas offer bus routes, trains, and even shared car rides. You may be surprised how inexpensive it can be to take a mini vacation. If you’re next to the water, you could also look at small ships or cruises that leave just for the weekend. Be creative and you’ll find a luxury or cheap vacation for as long as you want. Turn your cell phone off and just check it in the evenings, that way you get a full escape from it all.

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