Unique Christmas Traditions From Around the World


The holidays is a jolly time and a fascinating time, as countries around the world celebrate Christmas with their own national traditions. The world-wide celebration of Christmas sees a mix of different cultural traditions which further enhances the joy and importance of the holiday.

Here at From You Flowers, we created an info graphic which highlights some core differences in how people around the world celebrate Christmas — everything from what their traditional Christmas meal is to when children from different countries open their presents. Here are some fascinating tidbits:

  • Dutch and Belgium children open their presents the earliest, on St. Nicholas Eve, while Russian children open theirs on January 7th, the Orthodox Christmas Day.
  • The Christmas wreath is an ancient symbol with origins from the Persian Empire, while another, more recent Christmas symbol — the poinsettia — was introduced to the United States in the 1800s.
  • Santa Claus does not bestows presents to all the children in the world. In much of Eastern Europe, for instance, Grandpa Frost brings gifts.

We hope you find this infographic to be both enjoyable and informative. From all of us at FromYouFlowers.com, Merry Christmas!

Christmas traditions around the world infographic, by From You Flowers

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