Keep Calm and Blossom On: 5 Life Lessons from Flowers


No one who has had the pleasure of gazing at flowers can deny their beauty. As a flower delivery company, we work with flowers daily, often drawing inspiration from them. Not only are flowers gorgeous, but they blossom effortlessly when given the bare necessities of water and sunlight.

Working with flowers, we often realized that life can be that simple for people too. Given the necessities (food, water, affection, etc.), we can blossom and continue to do so regularly.

What are some lessons we can learn from flowers that will help us along the continuous path of growth?

1) Make peace with past hurts and resentments:
Flowers continue to grow. In fact, they strive to bend themselves towards the sun at all times, feeding themselves in the present moment. Anyone who has been hurt deeply will tell you that our past pain can haunt us and make us want to cut ourselves off from nourishment (food, friends, joyful activities, etc.). As hard as it may seem at the time, pain is a part of human life. There is a Zen Buddhist saying that “pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” While life throws certain trials at us, it’s our ability to make peace with that pain that will eventually allow us to continue blossoming as individuals.

This doesn’t mean that the pain will cease completely–anyone who has grieved the death of someone close to them can let you know that the pain never fully dies. Not letting the pain overtake you, however, is a personal choice we can make to not become victims of our past. Making peace with pain will inevitably lead you on the path to personal fulfillment.

2) Stay true to yourself:
A flower blossoms naturally. If others were to force the petals open, the blossoms would not be as beautiful. In the same way, humans need to stay true to themselves. Only then can you derive true passion and true strength from your choices.

3) Surround yourself with people who allow you to blossom:
Just as flowers need nourishment to grow and blossom into the beauties that they are, we too need the nourishment of positive and supportive people in our lives. Being in the company of those who belittle us will hinder our self-growth and self-esteem. Being in the presence of great people would help us feel that we too are great.

4) Be good to yourself:
Flowers feed themselves first. We are not here to advocate selfishness–in fact, we believe that taking care of yourself first is the key to taking care of others. Not taking time for you can lead to tiredness and resentment. Help yourself and help others by taking time for things that you find joy in.

5) Be good to others:
While flowers need simple nourishment to blossom, humans are more complex. Consistently, psychology studies have shown that a key form of nourishment for us manifests itself in acts of kindness. Generosity heightens our sense of well-being and our happiness levels. In a recent study, Harvard Associate Professor Michael Norton found that giving away money helps subjects to feel wealthier and happier.

The below graphic is a reminder that like flowers, we too, can “blossom on” with human necessities, calming working to achieve our goals in the present.

Keep Calm and Blossom On via @FromYouFlowers

Another image–a reminder to surround ourselves with supportive people:

Inspirational Quote. Surround yourself with people who allow you to blossom. Via @FromYouFlowers

Keep blossoming!


  • Kauai Gecko says:

    Great post. I love all types of flowers. Aloha from Hawaii.

  • online flowers delivery in gurgaon says:

    Nice post!!!!! Its really a very nice post and it is true that we can learn many things from the flowers like as make peace with past hurt,be good to others and yourself,and stay true to yourself.I want to give online order of flowers to your company after reading your nice blog.Thanks for it……..

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