Popular Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets


Are you looking to send flowers to someone who loves the colors lavender and/or purple? Lavender is a popular color this season, and purple is a long time favorite color of many women. Purple represents royalty and piety, while lavender, its close kin, represents a feminine softness. Together, lavender and purple flowers show an elegance that demonstrates your respect for the recipient, as well as your heartfelt wishes and love. It may be one of the reasons why lavender and purple bouquets are among some of the most popular to send during Mother’s Day.

Below are some of our bestselling Lavender and Purple Flower Bouquets:

Lovely Lavender Bouquet

Lovely lavender bouquet, filled with roses, waxflower, daisies, peruvian lilies, and tulips via @fromyouflowers
One of our most popular flower arrangements, the Lovely Lavender Bouquet has a balanced mix of purple and lavender flowers. Lavender roses, waxflowers, and daisies are rounded out by the deeper purple in peruvian lilies and tulips. The flowers sit in a lovely purple passion container to complete the look.

Purple Passion Bouquet

Fun and flirty purple passion bouquet, with green spider mums, lavender roses, and purple stock. Via @fromyouflowers
Purple passion stock flowers meet lavender roses and wonderful green spider mums. This eye-catching bouquet commands the attention of any room with its fun and flirty spider mums, gorgeous flowers, and elegant cube vase. This bouquet is perfect for someone with a fun personality or someone who’s especially creative. In one of our reviews, Ed from Virginia wrote, “Flowers and vase were ideal for the 60th birthday celebration of our artistic niece!”

Lavender Garden Bouquet

Lavender Garden bouquet, with lavender roses and a variety of purple flowers. Via @fromyouflowers
Soft, full, and–dare we say–gorgeous, the Lavender Garden is an amazing way to express your sentiments. The bouquet is delightfully pretty, with purple and lavender roses, carnations, alstroemeria, and monte casino in a purple cache pot. The colors and flower species all complement one another in a pleasing and soft way, giving you the chance to send your message in a beautiful way.

Two Dozen Purple Roses

two dozen lavender roses via @fromyouflowers
Sometimes, a girl just loves roses, roses, and more roses. Hey, we get it. American novelist Gertrude Stein once wrote, “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” We think there’s a reason why she named roses and not any other flower! In this case, you can send the recipient two dozen roses to satisfy their color and rose desires. Win-win!

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  • Debra says:

    I requested a get well bouquet of lavendar and orange gerber daisies (among other beauties) for my cousin in hospital. Although I haven’t seen the arrangment myself I have been told it is absolutely beautiful and cheerful. I had a couple of changes and FromYouFlowers has been the most responsive and helpful customer service I have ever had!

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