Recipe Wednesday: 3 Easy Chicken Recipes


Sometimes it’s fun to challenge yourself with a difficult recipe and sometimes all you want is an easy recipe. Something to just throw together in a few minutes that your family (and especially you) will enjoy.

Today we are featuring three of our favorite easy chicken recipes. Let’s get right to it…

1. BBQ Chicken Recipe

I baked this easy chicken recipe from just last week and it was delicious. We all went for seconds (and that doesn’t happen often). It’s a perfect summertime family recipe.

bbq chicken easy to make recipe for bbq chicken2. Chicken with Tomatoes, Onions and Feta Recipe

This recipe’s name makes me want to cook it asap. This may or not be because I will cook anything that involves feta. Either way, this is a delicious chicken recipe that you can use the tomatoes from your garden for.

3. Chicken and Apples Recipe

Growing up in the Midwest, pie was an important part of my culture. Anytime someone had a choir rehearsal or play performance we would always come home to pie to celebrate. I think that’s why I’ve fallen in love with this recipe, that treats chicken like a pie. Really, you slice the chicken and put apples between the layers for a unique and easy chicken recipe. This recipe comes from again, but I encourage you to play with it and come up with your own unique take on it.

What’s your favorite chicken recipe?

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