Sending Business Flowers


Sometimes it’s hard to admit to a mistake, especially in business, however when mistakes happen apologies are always in order. Whether it was your fault or not, let From You Flowers corporate gifts help you express your sentiments in a way that is clear and concise. A subtle and beautiful gift from can turn a business blunder into an opportunity to reinforce important relationships.

Few gifts have the expressive qualities of fresh flowers (see Rutger’s study). Send an arrangement that not only says I’m Sorry, but shows how much you truly value your business relationships. Our corporate service staff are experienced in conveying difficult messages. Let us find a gift that expresses your sentiment in an elegant and professional manner. We will help you every step of the way from choosing the appropriate gift to the best card message.

Sending Business Flowers

Apologies can be difficult, but building great business relationships are even more challenging. Let help maintain and reinforce your important partnerships.

For additional details, contact our Corporate Services Department at 860 510 0636 or email to be partnered with an Account Manager who will help you design a program that fits your needs and budget. With a 100% service and product guarantee you can be assured your efforts will always be a huge success.

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