Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


Of all the decorations you fill your home with during the Thanksgiving holiday, the centerpiece is the most popular. Whether you love making a homemade centerpiece or prefer having a florist deliver a floral Thanksgiving centerpiece…we are here to give you the best ideas for 2018.

orange lily flower centerpiece


Florist Arranged, Hand Delivered

Having a florist arrange a flower centerpiece has its benefits. Artfully arranged by the florist and available for same day delivery, it will beautify your table and easily check something off your to-do list. Florist arranged Thanksgiving centerpieces are also the perfect gift for the host of this year’s dinner.



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Home-Made Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It can be fun to get the family together and create your own work-of-art to display on your Thanksgiving table. Our favorite idea is Martha Stewarts’ basket centerpiece. Simply arranged with woven baskets that you can purchase at any crafts store and filled with seasonal fruit, it is an easy and beautiful display. If you would like to add a twist, paint the baskets gold or silver to make the look more upscale.




Remember to have fun decorating for Thanksgiving, this is a great time of the year to use flowers, leafs and candles!


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