Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas


Decorate your home this Thanksgiving before your guests come over to celebrate the season and eat all your turkey. From table decorations to front door wreaths, there are multiple ways to brighten your home this November. We are going to share some of our favorite classic thanksgiving decorating ideas for 2012.

Front Door Thanksgiving Decorations

Your front door is the welcome point for guests when they arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, and also the decorations that can be enjoyed by your neighborhood. But don’t worry, it can be easy to make your front door beautiful for the holidays. From simple wreaths to plants surrounding your door, you will find a great way to decorate. Below is a picture of one of our favorite homemade wreaths, because it includes the things you are actually thankful for. Visit to see how to make one for your front door.

Table Top Decorations

When you think about decorating a table, make it easy on yourself. At From You Flowers’ our customers have loved our Thanksgiving centerpieces, which are arranged by a local florist and hand delivered to your home. Other ideas included placing a grouping of small pumpkins and candles in the middle of the table, or placing a wreath on the table with candles inside of it.

orange flower candle cneterpiece delivery

Thanksgiving Mantel Decorations
Decorating a mantel can seem overwhelming, the best way to start is with the middle of the mantel and work your way to either side. Our favorite mantel lay-out for Fall comes from Better Homes and Gardens (picture below). Simply buy three large pumpkins and paint two of them white, silver or gold. Place them all in a row, with the tallest one in the middle. Next place matching candlesticks on either side of the candles, either use the ones you have or spray paint some old ones to match the setting. And last take a trip to Michael’s to purchase a string of fake fall leafs to wrap around the mantel. If you enjoy this idea, check-out all of Better Homes and Gardens Mantel Ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens Property

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