Thanksgiving Recipes: Classic & Vegetarian


Is it your turn to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year? Don’t start to sweat, we have your back covered! We have gathered our favorite recipes for appetizers, drinks, main courses and of course dessert. So whether you are cooking the classic Thanksgiving meal or one for vegeterians…you have come to the right place! We have broken the Thanksgiving recipe ideas into sections: classic and vegetarian.

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 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes

Side Course: With every classic Thanksgiving meal you need delicious Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, the perfect compliment to every Turkey. Recipe Here.

Main Course: World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey, as named by the Food Network. Yes you will still have to pull the neck and giblets out, but if this is your first time cooking a Turkey…or if you just love the classic, this recipe is a win. Recipe Here.

Dessert: I bet you know what I was going to recommend for the classic dessert before you even started reading this. Have to go with Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie, if not Grandma might get upset. Recipe Here.

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Vegeterian Thanksgiving Recipes:

Side Course: Look no further then this Shiitake Mushroom Stuffing! Made with a fix of onions, garlic, celery, sage, apricots and more…this is sure to be popular with your guests. Recipe Here.

Main Course: The best part of Thanksgiving is that the meal is warm and reminds you of Autumn. So the perfect choice for a vegetarian main course is a Winter Squash Risotto. With seasonal butternut, thyme and white wine your guests will enjoy this dish. Recipe Here.

Dessert: Apple Pie. The best pie. Recipe Here.

We hope that you enjoyed our favorite recipes and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at!

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