Tuesday Home Design: Flower Wall Decals


Wallpaper isn’t as popular as it used to be, so people are looking to other ways to decorate their walls. Decals, which are essentially large stickers, have become one of the most used ways to highlight a wall.

Green Mum Flower Wall Decal

Elephannie Etsy Store

flower wall decal easy 2

These decals come in a large variety of shapes and sizes from trees to birds and flowers, there is no end to how you can use them.

Highlighted Wall Decals:

Elephannie Green Mum Flower Decal

KR International White Flower Decal

Ado Orange Flower Decal


  • sherbelm says:

    I’m loving the simplicity of wall decals and the fact that they aren’t permanent is great!

  • wall sticker says:

    Really you’ve provided great home design tips here. I like them and I’ll also try to follow them in my best while designing my home. Keep it up in future also.

  • tree wall decals says:

    Hey…wats the tips regarding home designing. I’ve purchased a new home recently and I want to decorate it in a excellent way. Definitely your suggestions would be very helpful for me. Keeping sharing in future too.

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