Tuesday Home Design: Wall Flower Vases


There are no rules to decorating your home. It’s what is fun about making a space your own, you can do whatever you like to it. So when it comes to choosing what you are going to hang on your walls, it can be entertaining to think outside of the box.

Today we are doing this by featuring a selection of unique wall flower vases. They can be hung in your entry way, kitchen or bedroom as a fresh way to add natural beauty to your space.

Knobs & More Colored Glass Hanging Flower Wall Vases

Knobs & More Colored Flower Vases

Knobs and More Colored Hanging Wall Vases

These vibrant hanging flower vases will light up any room! A great addition to a sun porch, kitchen or craft room. Hang them from the ceiling with twine to create depth in your room.

What’s your favorite?

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