The Six Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts


When we think about chocolate covered gifts, words such as delectable, delicious, and flavorful come to mind. It is a treat that comes in a number of flavors and even wider net of possibilities of kinds of creations. From a young age we can probably recall the first time we had it and the chocolate melted in our mouths or how how drinking it hot warmed us up during winter.

No matter what our memories are, like we have changed throughout our lives, so has this delicious confection. Read on for bullet points on the development and history.

  • Chocolate is made using fruit of cacao trees, native to Central and South America
  • It can be traced back to ancient Olmecs of southern Mexico in 1500 B.C.
  • The Mayans drank it with a combination of water, honey, or chili peppers
  • The Aztecs believed their gods sent it and was mostly an upper-class indulgence
  • Chocolate was introduced to Spain by the late 1500s; other European countries soon bought it, and added spices like cinnamon or cane sugar to hot chocolate
  • Chocolate came to Florida in 1641 on a Spanish ship and by 1773 enjoyed by all classes
  • 1847 brought about the first chocolate bar by a British chocolatier
  • By the late nineteenth, early twentieth century, chocolate was mass-produced
  • Today, most chocolate is produced in masses and highly refined, offered as a hot drink and a wide variety of edible creations

Based on chocolate’s extensive history, it certainly has come a long way from its original consistency, production, and taste. Chocolate is a goody known worldwide and can be drank or eaten, and even wraps itself around other yummy foods. It is a flexible product that is only limited by those who make and work with it. We offer a range of unique chocolate gift delivery options that can be gifted for several occasions and recipients, and have listed six below.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 1

BIRTHDAY Belgian Chocolate Covered Oreo® Cookies

Send a loved one best wishes for a happy birthday with a gift that both says and shows it. Fourteen Oreo® cookies are dipped in dark and milk Belgian chocolate for an even sweeter treat. The word “birthday” is spelled out in icing on eight of the cookies, and the rest are decorated with smaller candies or sprinkles. These make for a fun and yummy birthday gift that is guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 2

LOVE Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries have made gained a reputation as a dessert associated with romance. Twelve large and fresh strawberries have been dipped in Belgian dark and creamy milk chocolate for a perfect dual flavor combination. Four of the dipped creations spell out the word love, while the rest are decorated with red icing drizzle. These delectable treats are the perfect present to give your sweetheart for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or if you just want to convey your unconditional love.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 3

Chocolate Covered Mini Donuts

Talk about a sweet two in one treat! One dozen mini donuts are artfully hand-dipped and covered in chocolate. The dark, milk, and white chocolate goodies are then decorated with an assortment of toppings such as sprinkles and smaller candies. The fun and colorful mini donuts make for a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions including a birthday or thinking of you gift. These might especially be good as a thank you gift for a teacher at the end of the year.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 4

Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Looking for a great summertime treat without the melting mess? Look no further with these ice cream cone-inspired cake pops. The gourmet cake pops of chocolate and vanilla are scooped onto mini cones and then hand-dipped in Belgian dark, milk, and white chocolate. The product is then rolled in an array of colored sprinkles, candies, or chocolate drizzle. Whether for a birthday, graduation, or thank you gift these cake pops are sure to be a satisfying treat.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 5

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Pops

For an unforgettable gift, this dessert combines richness with sweetness. Bite-size cheesecake pops arrive having been artfully dipped in dark, milk, and white chocolate. The confectionaries are also decorated with contracting swirls of drizzle for a completed look. These scrumptious goodies make for a one-of-a-kind gift for recent graduates and are sure to be a hit.

Most Unique Chocolate Covered Gifts 6

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Logs

Do you have a recipient who loves both sweet and salt? If your answer is yes, then do not hesitate on ordering these. Twelve salty pretzels have been hand-dipped into creamy dark, milk, and white chocolate. And if that were not enough, they are then decorated with an array of toppings like mini candies, nuts, and sprinkles. These would be an enjoyable housewarming gift, whether an apartment or home, and are ideal because they are a quick snack.

**Please be advised that all of the above products contain coconut, egg, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. Those with food-related allergies should take the necessary precautions.**



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