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Valentines Day Flower Activities For Everyone

So let’s set the scene: We’re somewhere between the end of January and the beginning of February. Birds are coyly chirping in anticipation for spring. Cuffing Season is coming to a foreseeable end and yet, store’s shelves are ominously lined from top to bottom, with varying hues of red and pink doodads. And last but not least, the irrefutable notion that ‘love is in the air’ is juxtaposed against the mounting pressures that YOU get to plan the Perfect. Valentine’s. Day. Date. Don’t let yourself get KO’ed instead of XO’ed! *whispers* Your relationship may or may not be dependent upon the perfection of this Valentine’s Day date! Whether it is or isn’t may be indicative of another issue, but nonetheless, wow your Valentine with the sweet and simple gesture of sending them Valentine’s Day Flowers!

valentines day activities using flowers, make your own bouquet

In the age of excess and instant gratification, gifting flowers is a great way to remind your loved one(s) to A) Literally stop, and smell the roses.. or whichever alternative flowers for Valentine’s Day that you like, B) Truly treasure each moment of every day and C) Be beholden to the fact that someone in the world loves you enough to show it. And that goes for all of the ladies, gents, and non- gender normative folks who are spending Valentine’s Day single as well! Treat yo’ self! With a little bit of wanderlust and imagination, a simple bouquet of flowers can go a really long way. Let’s take a look at 5 Valentine’s Day Activities that feature flowers. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for her or Valentine’s Day ideas for him, the flowers are sure to make their day bloom!

valentines day crafts using flowers

Floral Spa Rituals

Spa Day dates can get to be really expensive, especially around Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, it’s virtually impossible to secure a reservation unless it’s done ages in advance. To alleviate this stress and all others, plan a spa date night in the comfort of your own home! Get in tune with each other’s spirits and truly live up to all of the Valentine’s Day hype. After this spa date night at home, you and your boo are going to be relaxed and ready to take on the world.

valentines day activities with flowers spa bath

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First up, ambiance. The ambiance is definitely key. To get in the mood for love, start by putting on love songs, that you both love, with a few of today’s hits mixed in as well. This can be a great way to spark conversation or reminisce about moments shared! Don’t forget also to dim the lights and light candles. Make sure to get at least one candle that is a scent that’s sure to tickle your loved one’s deepest fantasies. Last but not least, pop the bubbly, bring out the chocolate, and bring on the flowers!

Next, run a bath. Be sure to place rose petals in the water! This is so romantic, your partner will be beside themselves. If you need help choosing roses, we have a few options, here. While in the rose bath, your partner will be experiencing a sense of calm and wellness due to the anti-inflammatory property of roses! If you want to go the extra mile, try to make a Rose-Infused body oil. Let the massages begin!

valentines day activities using flowers spa at home

*FYF TIP: After your Valentine’s Day Spa Night, use the old rose petals to make a potpourri. Be sure to infuse the scent of your partner’s favorite candle as well, and you’ll be able to have the memory of the night linger on forever!

Spread Love, It’s the Floral Way

If you’re the couple that loves to volunteer and give back to your community, this may be the Floral Valentine’s Day activity option for you. Instead of focusing Valentine’s Day solely on you and your partner, spread love by handing out Valentine’s Day Flowers to strangers! To make it relevant to you and your partner, perhaps choose a spot that you and your partner find to be special. If it’s your first date spot, the place you first fell madly in love, or even the place where you proposed, there are bound to be unsuspecting strangers about! To make someone’s day, who is totally unsuspecting of the surprise, is an ultimate show of unconditional love. With today’s world, that’s something we could all use a little bit more of.

valentines day activities using flowers valentine flower giveaway

Pressed for Love

One can only hope that the love you and your partner share can withstand the test of time. Whether or not that will happen is written in the stars. But in the meantime, this Valentine’s Day, memorialize your love for one another by pressing your flowers in a beautiful journal. Don’t know how to press flowers? We’ve got you covered. Find out the deets below:

    1. Prepare your Flowers. Pick out some of your favorite flowers from your bouquet, remove their stems along with all of the extra and unwanted leaves. Lay your blooms on a parchment paper to dry if they are wet. If you don’t have parchment, any absorbent paper will work. 
    2. Select your Journal. Set out with your partner on a epic journey to find a beautiful journal that represents the two of you. Once you’ve found it, take some time to write down some of your favorite things about each other on every other 2 pages. The 2 pages are really key, as you don’t want the moisture from drying blooms to cause your written words to bleed.
    3. Place your Blooms. After you’ve written your love notes to one another, place your blooms face down on the empty pages. Do this until all of the empty pages are full.
    4. Weight you Journal. After placing all of your blooms, close the journal and place heavier books on top of the journal to aid with the pressing of the flowers.
    5. Revisit your Love. The flowers should take about 3-4 weeks to be completely pressed. You can wait for this time period, or… you can make it extra special and take a look next Valentine’s Day! Whatever you decide, you’ve now got a pretty special memento of your love. Kudos.


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valentines day activities using flowers pressed flowers idea


Flowers Down the Aisle

No, it’s not what you’re thinking! If you’re ready to make the ultimate commitment in your love life, then by all means, we salute you! If that’s a little rapid for you, maybe a nice romantic stroll to your local park, beach, or scenic area might be right up your alley! Take this time to explore areas that you’ve yet to discover with your partner! Think, when was the last time you and your partner did something new? Valentine’s Day is a great day to do just that. Oh and save yourself the trouble of picking wild flowers and order some with!

valentines day flower activities garden flower walk

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More Wine, Cheese and Flowers, Please!

Can you say, “charcuterie for me,” 3 times fast? Yeah, we had too much champagne too, so neither could we. Nothing goes better with champagne than strawberries, cheese, caviar, and you guessed it – flowers. This time, let your flowers do some of the work for you. Send flowers to your loved one with a specific note. Have the note detail where you’d like for them to meet you. On your end, you’ve set up the most romantic picnic set with Champagne or Wine (can not forget this), chocolate covered strawberries (no-brainer!), caviar (if you’re into that sort of thing) and more of the most beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. For the last added touch, once your date arrives, greet them with more flowers, a poured glass of champagne and make a toast to a love the rises and sets just as the sun in distance.  Pure. Magic.

valentines day activity with flowers and wine ideas

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