Celebrating Valentine’s Day Cheap at Home


Whether the new car purchase cleaned out your account, or you’re saving up for that first trip to Hawaii, everyone needs to cut costs sometimes. No matter your circumstances, there are several fun things to do at home for Valentine’s Day.

11 Cheap Valentine’s Day at Home Ideas

1. Create Your Own Dance Floor

No need to spend oodles of money on the local dance club. Take your biggest room, clear everything to the side, and play your favorite songs on Alexa. You can plan as much ahead or as little as you want. Create your own song list or just turn on Pandora. Treat the experience like a real date night. Get dressed up as if you’re going out, put on your heels and dress shoes, and dance the night away. Pair the evening with chocolate and wine and you’re sure to succeed.

2. Cook Dinner Together With a Box Service

Many couples cook a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together. If you want to roll up your sleeves, but find grocery shopping tedious and time-consuming, order a dinner service. Pick from a variety of home delivery meal services and pick the best Valentine’s day dinner for your sweetheart. The food is delivered right to your door and will be there waiting when you get home. You’ll still have the joyful experience of cooking it together, without the hassle.

3. Camp Out – In The Living Room

Take out a bedsheet and find a way to drape it in the living room with chairs, tables or other household items. Lay pillows on the floor inside and set the mood yourself. While we don’t recommend candles, wine glasses and a good movie on your laptop would be great! You’ll feel like children again wrapped under your self made tent with take out, candy and whatever else comes to mind…

4. Wine Tasting

Buy a few cheap wines and treat yourself to a wine tasting night. You can label the bottom of the cups and have fun guessing which ones you think are which. By the time you finish you’ll be having a grand ole’ time indeed. You may even find some new favorites at a better price that you can buy again in the future. That inevitably cheap wine headache you’ll have the next day is just all part of the fun. Years later you’ll still be bonded together, complaining about the headache the next day after a beautiful evening. It’s all just part of the fun!

5. Drag Night

You heard us, it’s drag night. You’re at home in the privacy of your home! Switch roles for the evening and treat it like a date. She can put the moves on you all night, and you can enjoy being chased after. Whether or not you put on the heels is up to you, but two things are assured. You’ll end the evening appreciating each other and each other’s situation a little bit more, and that’s great for your relationship.

6. Play Twister

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a fun game of twister. Paired with wine and someone with bad balance, it’s just hysterical. Though it may start out with giggles, jests and a bit of playful belittling, you may be surprised to land yourself in a romantic situation. Be openminded and have a good time.

7. Pretend to Meet For The First Time

Embrace your inner actress and actor, and when you get home, pretend you’re meeting for the first time. That random rendezvous you regret never having could be just around the corner, with someone whose totally safe. Invite the “stranger” to your bedroom after dinner and don’t break character. You may be very pleasantly surprised to find that your long term significant other still has some surprises up their sleeve. Especially when they’re not feeling like themselves.

8. Amazon Kits

Are you and your love crafty people? Amazon is a great place to find kits for making and creating everything. Order a kit a make your own soap, try a box of Japanese candy together, or watch all of the funny Mel Brooks movies. There are “boxes” and “kits” under $20 for pretty much anything you can think of, and a lot of them are available for Prime shipping too!

9. Handcuffs

If you need this explained, skip this option and move on.

10. Make Your Own Scrapbook

There are many online scrapbook services that you can use to build a memento together. For $25 – $50 you can put together a keepsake with your favorite Instagram, facebook and phone pictures. Make it together and keep it on the dining room table to look at when you’re feeling sentimental. Don’t only put in your best pictures, it’s the funny and bad photos that will make your book really inspire love and fondness. Use a mix of pictures that truly touch you.

11. Create Coupon Books

Give them your self made coupon book. It’s actually very fun to make them together! Sit down together and make coupons tailored just for them. You can make romantic, sexy, funny and realistic coupons. By realistic we mean, make them do the dishes when you don’t feel like it. Do they hate outdoor walks? Make a required outdoor walk that you would love. If you build them together you can have fun laughing and picking on each other. You may even discover some things that you didn’t know about them. So good for your relationship! It’s also entirely free.

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