Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her 2019


Valentines Gifts For Her 2019

From cheap, luxury, homemade and experience gifts, there are a numbers of things you can give her that aren’t run of the mill. Below are some different and unique ways to surprise her with gifts this Valentine’s Day 2019.

Make a Gift Basket of Spring Goodies

Why spring items? February, the month of love, is also one of the coldest months of the year. Make her a box of spring items from swimsuits, to sandals, fruits, and SPF spray. You can spend the rest of the evening planning your vacation time and which beach you plan to make your getaway destination in the next month or so.

Unique Flower Delivery

Instead of sending them the standard bouquet of roses, try something new and make a unique Valentine’s Day flower delivery for them. With Valentines Day flower delivery that comes with long stem red roses and a custom photo vase, you can take your bouquet to the next level. Add your favorite picture to the vase online and it will come prepared custom made just for them. Now that’s something different.

Stay at a Hotel

If you’re more into experiences rather than shopping, try staying at a local hotel to mix things up. Book a nice room with a big bathtub, large rooms, and just feel like you’re on vacation. Keeping it local means you won’t incur travel costs in addition and you won’t feel stressed about getting back to work over the weekend.

Easy to Care For Succulents

Is your sweetie devoid of a green thumb? That’s when a succulent delivery becomes a great idea! Succulents last weeks, sometimes months if you care for them properly. She can keep it on her desk at work, or in the kitchen or reading room at home. One of the best things about decorating with green plants is that they can go in any room and match the decor. This type of plant requires little to no care and is difficult to destroy.

Spa Day

Most women enjoy a spa day. Even if she doesn’t want to do a manicure and pedicure, getting a back massage to relieve tension in the body is the best. Treat her to a full body massage and a facial and she’ll come home beaming, quite literally, with beautiful refreshed skin. Not only does it feel great, she won’t have to make space at home for a permanent gift that steals her shelf or closet space. If you can’t find a local spa you like, send a spa gifts basket instead.

Chocolate Covered Gifts

Something else that doesn’t take up space and is thoroughly enjoyed are chocolate covered gifts, delivered straight to their door. For something truly decadent, send strawberries and cheesecake desserts hand dipped in high quality Belgium chocolate. She can eat them one by one as a small treat each day, and don’t be surprised if she requests them the next year!

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There’s something romantic and wonderful about receiving perfume from someone you care for. It does take a little knowhow to select the right perfume for someone, but it’s amazing when you get it right. If you still need some help, visit a local Sephora or department store and ask for some help. If you describe what she likes already, or what scents she usually wears, someone is guaranteed to be able to make some recommendations. When you smell the right one, you’ll know it’s perfect for her.

Giant Teddy Bear

Inside every adult woman is a young lady who wants to receive a giant stuffed animal delivery. Most women would love to receive a giant teddy bear delivery, but they feel silly admitting it. If you send her a bear for Valentine’s Day she may laugh and ask, “what possessed you” but you’ll also see her smiling the entire time. Many people choose to have stuffed animals delivered to someone’s office where they remain permanently to decorate their work space. Comforting and playful, it’s a constant reminder throughout the workday that they’re loved.

Small Plants

Another great gifting option are small plants for her. Send a Valentine’s Day plant delivery like a mini orchid, rose bush, or bonsai tree. There are also various dish garden gifts that contain three to four different types of plants. They’re great for at home, the office, and are ideal for decorating small spaces like an apartment too. If she’s more into clean arrangements and easy to care for plants, try an herbal plant or zen plant arrangement. Zen plants come in simple, wrapped and heart shaped arrangements that, though orderly, also have an air of playfulness. For smaller areas stick to miniature and petite orchids. If they have a larger space or you plan on sending Valentines day plants to their home, consider a larger green plant delivery.

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