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Two dozen long stemmed red roses are being ordered, fancy dinner reservations are being made, and you turn every corner to find more prompts to get her the Biggest And Sparkliest Diamond or the most decadent box of chocolates to convey your love. Valentine’s Day is True Love’s biggest holiday, but why is it that women get all the love on February 14? The men in your life deserve a little love too.

valentines day gifts for him two dozen long stem red roses

Your husbands, boyfriends, fiancé, even your dads and brothers deserve to be showered in gifts and reminded that you are thinking of them on this love filled day with a Valentine’s Day gift for him. Maybe something you get them will even last a little longer than the 24-hour day and they’ll be reminded of your love for days to come.

valentines day gifts for him chocolate covered gift basket

The Color of Love – Green

Let’s start with a classic. A gift for a green thumb in your life, someone who loves to nurture and care for something living. It’s easy to get bogged down in the narrative that flowers are the way to go on Valentine’s Day, and don’t get us wrong, we are big fans of flowers for men. However, we think that given this opportunity to give them a thoughtful gift you can be a little more creative. Maybe he has been talking about how he wants something green at his desk, but doesn’t have a lot of time in the day to spend taking care of something. Give him something  meaningful that says, “I’m a suc(culent)ker for you.” Something like our Luxury Succulent Terrarium, which offers a modern feel and variety, coming with a couple different kinds of succulents, with the low key benefits of succulents. If he is more of a one and done sort of plant person, keep it simple with the Simply Succulent. It arrives in a red pot, so it’s on theme for Valentine’s Day but will be desk appropriate all year around. Succulents are the ideal gift for anyone who’s looking for that greenery without all the stress because the secret to keeping succulents alive is to leave them alone….mostly. All they need is a couple drops of water every week or so and some sunlight. That’s it!

succulent terranium delivery valentines day gifts for him

simple succulent delivery valentine day gift for him


Another living Valentine’s Day gift you can give him is the Bonsai Gardenia Plant. Giving a Bonsai is fun because it is unique, yet still easy to care for. Bonsai’s thrive in more of a humid environment, so whether that be the weather where you live, or just keeping it in a room where you may have a humidifier or diffuser – or even just a spray bottle, that’s good to keep in mind.

bonsai tree delivery valentines day gifts for him

The Way to His Heart….

A proven way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe the man in your life doesn’t have much of a green thumb. Sometimes no matter how easy a plant is to care for, it still is too much work and we get that. That is why they made chocolate. And cheese. And meat. It is a great thing to love someone who loves to snack – that’s why they made gift baskets after all. Send him what he actually wants, like the Super Sweet Snack Gift Basket. There is no need to leave candy for Halloween with this gift. Maybe you’re sending a Valentine’s Day Gift to your dad, who’s not much of a sweets guy.

valentines day gifts for him candy gift basket

Our Nuts for Him gift basket has a variety of salty nut snacks as well as ‘Dad’ root beer, which is right up his alley. There is even a gift basket for the health nut in your life. Maybe he’s still sticking to his New Year’s Resolutions, or you’ve made a pact and you’re both “Sweating for the Wedding,’ or you just really like fruit. Whatever your reason, sending the Premium Fruit Basket is sure to be something you don’t wake up and regret eating the next day.

valentines day gifts for him nut gift basket

valentines day gifts for him fruits basket


If you want to send a clear message, write it on your food – that’s what they say, right? Well, that’s what we say. Send him the “Love You” Bark Cookie and he most definitely won’t miss the message. The delicious chocolate chip cookie is decorated with the words “Love You” in icing. Send it to him at work to show him how much you love him, and his coworkers are sure to be pleased as well.

Valentines Day gifts for him giant cookie delivery

Say it in a Gift Message

It’s easy to pick out a gift to send, but sometimes it’s what you say that’s just as meaningful. Make sure to remember to take a moment to write him a not when you’re sending your card. Maybe it’s a quote from your favorite movie, or the name of that restaurant where you had your first date and the food wasn’t even good but you were so nervous you don’t even remember eating. Write it in the note that tells him no matter the gift, no matter the day, you are just happy for a reminder and an excuse to celebrate him.

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