New Valentine’s Ideas For Couples


Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Everyone knows to send flowers, chocolates and romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, but what do you do when you’re looking for something new and exciting? Though we’d never suggest you give up on tried and true gifts that most couples love, we understand the need for a change of pace. These are 25 of our most romantic ideas for couples on Valentine’s Day. Most of them are inexpensive, easy to do at home, and require on a little pre-planning. From eating, to crafting, to getting out of your comfort zone, here are some couple ideas for Valentine’s Day to spruce things up.

Cooking Classes

So many couples enjoy the traditional dinner date for Valentine’s Day, but why not try taking a class this year instead? You can stand side by side and cook together while bonding through struggle as you try to create your own cheesecake or porter house steak. Cooking classes are readily available in most areas, including rural and smaller cities. Pick from dessert cooking classes, meals for two, and even bread baking instruction. Making food together is a great way to strengthen your relationship. You can have your own Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment, no movie tickets required.

Scavenger Hunt

What’s more fun than an adult scavenger hunt at home? Your loved one can search out items, clues, and treasures throughout the house. The best part of doing a scavenger hunt on your own, is getting to watch them live! You can keep hiding clues, or you can treat them to a small gift every time they answer a puzzle. You’ll have a good laugh watching them search and they’ll love looking for their small prizes.

Weekend Getaway

Not only can many people not afford an entire week of vacation these days, but some individuals have a panic attach at the idea of being away from their desk that long. If your honey is running their own business, or simple enjoys the 9 – 5 life, try a weekend getaway. Pick a destination no more than 3 to 4 hours away from home and pack your bags. As soon as work is done on friday, head to the beach, a fun city, or even a rural area and just get away from it all. If you travel at least a few hours away, you’ll truly feel like you’ve left and are on vacation. Don’t stress over planning meals or making too many reservations. You just escape together and wing it as you go. It’s a great way to add a bit fo mystery to your every day romance.

Harry Potter Movie Night

It doesn’t have to be Harry Potter, we just love it ourselves! This idea is more about spending time together than anything else. Pick your favorite series and set aside the whole night for snuggling together with a bottle of wine. Work your way through the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, or even Alfred Hitchcock movies if you prefer. You can talk about your favorite black and white scenes, Cary Grant’s screen presence, or how much you love house elves. Either way you’ll be locked arm in arm together for long hours at the couch in a relaxing evening at home. Picking a series helps change your regular TV Show night into an event, instead of just another evening at home.

Make A Coupon Book

Make a Valentine’s Day couples coupon book! Traditionally these are sexy items to be shared amongst very close couples, but they don’t have to be. Get creative with your coupons. Does he love Indian food and you hate it? Add an “I’ll eat Indian one night whenever you want it” coupon. You can also include back massages, mini excursions, or an “I’ll pick up the check” coupon for when they’re having a rough week. The sky is the limit.

Spa Day

Trust us, even if you’re looking for Valentine couple ideas for him, he will still like this. We firmly believe that inside every man there’s a curious part of him that’s longing to know why you love the spa. He wants to go, but feels like he needs an excuse, and that excuse can be you! Get a spa package for two and treat yourselves to a romantic experience of massages, and dare we say, mani pedis?

Aerial Aerobics

If you and your honey are fit people looking for a change, look up the closest aerial aerobics class. It’s time to get sweaty together and get out of your couple’s comfort zone! Soar back and forth from the ceiling in a workout class that’ll have you aching but happy afterwards. Not only can you test your upper body strength, you’ll also see how you both “perform” under pressure.

Double Date

Why does every Valentine’s Day celebration have to be per couple? If you have couple friends who’ve also been together a long time, they may be looking for something different too. Go on a double date and try a new restaurant that none of you have ever been too. Depending on what you do for a career, you may be Valentine’s Day-ed out. For those of you just looking to relax and enjoy your friendships, this is a great Valentine idea. Your significant other is your love, but also your best friend too. It’s ok to share them on Valentine’s Day.

Find A Project On YouTube

There are more free DIY projects on Youtube than anyone can count or keep track of. Have you been talking about reupholstering that chair in the living room? Maybe you’ve always talked about changing the bathroom tile? Watch the video together, make a list of what you need, and get ready to roll up your sleeves on Valentine’s Day. You’ll both be trying a new project, learning something new, and can enjoy the ups and downs that come with it.

Clean Something You’ve Ignored

“Well honey, all I want is a clean garage.” Every couple that lives together has a daunting task they talk about and ignore. Whether your garage is overflowing with leftover Christmas decorations, or your attic has a section of “I don’t know what that is”, you can tackle it together! Tell your loved one you’re ready to clean up shop and make it fun. Clear a spot before the big day to add some glitz. A small bouquet, two glasses of wine, and a great pork sandwich for lunch will be enough to feel fun, all while you take back that spot of your office or home.

Stay Up As Late As You Can

Yes! Pick a day on the weekend when you can sleep in the next day, and stay up all night! Challenge each other to an all nighter and see who folds first. Watch movies, go bar hopping, or play Zelda video games and wager something fun. Whoever loses has to buy brunch the next day, or clean out the refrigerator. This one is very fun because the older you get, the harder it is to do. That very idea will make you both feel young at heart again, even if you feel twice as old the next day. That’s what coffee is for! Put on your comfortable clothes and throw down the gauntlet.

Go Wine Tasting

Instead of planning dinner reservations and waiting in line, we not find local bars and restaurants offering wine tasting? You can drink the evening away while learning about new and delicious wines. Most bars offer appetizers and small snacks, so you can munch on things as you go. Plan out your stops so that you can visit different themed places. Start somewhere fun and chill, try some luxury wines, go to a dance club, and then hit your local fav all before the sun rises. You can decide how long or how late you feel like you want to be out. Depending on your relationship, you could be home by 10 or 3 AM. Go where the wind takes you Pocahontas.

Try The Weirdest Local Food

Never tried Scandinavian food or escargot(delicious!)? It’s time to try out that popular restaurant you never stop at. Even if neither one of you is thrilled about the idea, it’s good to try new things! Push yourselves into new places and try new food. Whether you fall in love with your entree or laugh at how bad it is, you’ll have a fond memory of a new experience you shared together.

Have A Real Poker Game

There are so many different ways to have a poker game. From strip poker for couples, to a regular poker game with some real money on the line, how do you and your sweetheart role? You could even host a small party with other friends, and give your fun evening a 1920’s theme. Give them a password and take $50 at the door. Enter everyone’s money – but play a lot of games! You don’t want to waste the whole evening on just one round. Let the prize go to whomever wins the most games for the night. You’ll all have so much fun, and fedoras and flapper dresses will add to the evening!

Closet Veto Day

Have a closet veto day. Rough for some couples, and insanely fun for others, you can enjoy a closet vetoing day. Set aside of number of items in your head, maybe 5 or 6, and give your lover the power of veto. Those ripped green jeans you loves that he hates? Show how much you adore him by giving him the power to send them to Goodwill. Those stained baggy sweats you wear every saturday that she cringes at? Let her send them on to better places – like the trash can. You can decide together which items are worth donating, and which can go to a Salvation army or other charity. You’ll have fun learning what things they like and dislike on you, and you’ll clean out your closet at the same time. Now that’s a win win. If you have a rough go of it, you can make up afterwards with a box of candy, or other items that won’t stick around to clog up your home living space.

Old School Dancing

You’ve no doubt learned the bump and grind of younger days, but once you’ve reached a certain point in life, it’s time to class things up a bit. Take a tango class together or learn to salsa at the closest night club. Not only are both romantic forms of dance, but you can enjoy staying in each other arms all night. From the dance floor to home, this romantic evening will make you both feel like Fred Astaire, even if you don’t get it right the very first time.

Schedule A Photoshoot

When was the last time you had pictures done together? No, we don’t mean selfies on the fly with random strangers in the background. Get a real photographer and schedule a day to get some new pictures. This is especially romantic for married couples. Was the last time you had a photographer at your wedding? You should celebrate being together still. If you’re still in the area where you got married, go back to that same location and take new shots. You can put them side by side at home and celebrate, “still together and still happy”.

Go To An Aquarium

A very popular Japanese date, aquariums are a standard. Why don’t we go as often? Hold hands and walk through a watery tunnel of beautiful fish gracefully surfing the waters. Watch the otters eat on their bellies, laugh at the penguins, or plan a special trip to visit the famous Fiona. Most areas have some kind of aquarium that you can visit together. This kind of date isn’t as expensive as you may think. Tickets can range from $12 to $35 dollars and you can stay as long as you like.

Put Your Phones Away

Put your cellphones away and set a rule that you can’t have them until the next day. Discover just how dependent you are on your mobile device. Find other ways to entertain yourselves together, get romantically lost in your city, or try a restaurant you didn’t Yelp first(gasp). Who knows what could happen? You’ll appreciate how hard your grandparents had it, and have fun discovering what you don’t know anymore.


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